Women Summer Clothing

summer cloths As winter is about to take leave and summer is on its way, you need to be prepared to embrace the hot summer days with light, breezy and cozy wears inspite of heavy, thick and layered outfits of winter.

You can go with slacks, tank tops, capris, shorts, skirts etc. in this season. Hot summer season can also be right time to make hot and sexy style statement. Unlike winter, in summer you can expose your sensuous body by wearing strapless dress, spaghetti strap dress, plunging neckline, backless dresses etc. There are plenty of options for women to choose desired summer dress for themselves according to their body shape.

Light and simple colour like white, pink, yellow, green are in fashion for summer and prints like traditional batik, floral prints go with the season. Fabrics like cotton, poplin or silk are the most preferred fabric in summer. If you are still not sure what you need to go with in this summer or what should be the right fashion mantra for summer then, just relax, to make your life easy and simple we are giving you a complete summer clothing
ideas and tips.

Things Need To Be Kept In Mind For Summer Dressing

Fabric For Summer

Fabric of the outfit is one of the most important parameters to be kept in mind while choosing dress for summer. Fabrics created unnaturally tend to absorb the heat and humidity and makes you feel uneasy. So go for cotton, linen, poplin or silk etc. These fabrics let air pass to your skin, reduce sweat, so you feel comfortable even in scorching heat of summer.

Summer Colour

Dark colour tends to absorb the heat and so make you feel hot. Dark shades like black, dark brown, greys etc. should be avoided in summer.

woman- clothes

While light colour reflects the heat so makes you feel soothing comfortable, white, pink, yellow, green, Sky blue, beige etc. are the most comfortable and preferred colour for hot summer days.

Right Fitting

In Summer skin tight or closely fitting outfits are to be rejected completely. Those outfits cling to your body and don’t let the air pass to your skin and you feel discomfort in extreme heat. So its better to prefer loosely fitting outfit in summer.

Dress According To Occasion

Dressing according to the occasion is a part of your fashion mantra. Odd dressing such as, a flip flop team up with a cute mini skirt goes well in small trips or beaches with friends is cool and fashionable but the same outfit in the office is a complete fashion disaster so make sure of your dress selection before you step out of your home.

Formal And Casual Summer Dresses

Formal Summer Dress

Summer formal wear need to be classy and elegant, you may go for popular brands. A cocktail dress or an exquisite evening gown can turn out the best in you. Go for something that makes you comfortable in, if you look comfortable you will look fashionable and confident while if you don’t feel comfortable all your concentration will be diverted to your outfit and that makes you look cheesy. If you have low budget to go for an expensive formal outfit, you may balance it by putting on some attractive and bold accessories.

Casual Summer Dress

There are plenty of options for casual outfits of summer days. Such as slacks, tank tops, capris, shorts, skirts etc. are most popular among women for hot summer days.


If you are in a bit naughty mood or you like to expose you may go with deep neckline or v neckline or a strapless or backless dress. A pair of sexy bikini is the best to show off your curvy body on a beach. Sleeve-less cotton tank tops, tees are most preferred in summer, it not only has the fine grip or fitting on your body but also let your skin to get air and show off your womanly curves.

How To Choose Summer Dress According To Your Body Shape

Though there is versatile option for women to choose summer dress according to their choice, but not all the outfit suits everyone. Odd body shaped women really found it difficult to select an outfit that fits on them. But here you can take the advantage of your accessories which will not only give you a trendy and cool look but also hide your body flaws. So we are giving you some tips which will help you to find out the best summer dress for your figure.

Thin Body Type

If you are the owner of a lean and less feminine body then you need to choose outfit and accessories that add volume to your body shape. Sun dresses with pleats or ruffle or flowing prints are best for such figure. With this you may put on a wide belt to give a prominent appearance of your curves. Apart from this heel footwear, matching jewelry add more femininity to your look. Women with small breasts may go for v neckline summer dress but round collar should be avoided.

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Curvy Body Type

Skin fitting outfits increases the problems for such body type and don’t expose as well. So better if you go for small print or fluid fabric outfit, with naughty neckline such as v shape or plunging neck line, which flaunt your assets right way. Leggings can be a good option with a flowing blouse and it gives length to women with heavy butts and busts. A right pair of heel shoes can be the right accessory for such figure.

Petite Figure

Petite figured women wants to look tall and thin. A short outfit with nice pair of heels may accentuate your height.

fashionable clothes for plus size women

You need to avoid ample cuts, flowing maxi or heavy fabric outfits, you may go instead for asymmetrical cut outfits. Large scarves or necklace will add length and works with a short summer outfit.

Pear Body Shape

Pear shape women found have wide hips and thin upper part of the body. For, Such figures its quite natural to select dress that will turn your lower part of the body slim and add volume to upper part. Skin tight or straight cut outfits look odd. You may accentuate your bust area wearing interesting neckline tops and to get a pair of small hips you may go for flared skirts.

Must Have Accessories For Summer

• Different fabric or leather made strappy sandals are best for summer, beside you may go with pump shoes of light shades for formal look or athletic shoes casual occasion works in summer.

• You need to opt for white cotton socks instead of darker colour socks. Darker colour absorbs heat and produce bacteria, it may cause allergy or rashes.

summer cloths

• Make sure you have either Wide brim hat or umbrella matching your outfit and of course a sunscreen with SPF 40, before you step out of the home, it will protect from the harmful UVA or UVB rays of the sun. You need to apply the sunscreen 30 minutes before you leave the home.

• Cotton undergarments are best for summer days.

• UVA or UVB proof sunglass according to your face shape need to have with you in scorching heat.

• Big bags, wooden beads and bangles gives you a chunky look in this season.