Ways To Get Rid Of Bad Habits In Partner

Ways To Get Rid Of Bad Habits In Partner Falling in love is the best feeling that you can ever go through. But when people say that ‘love is blind’ then they are not at all wrong. When we love someone, we tend to notice only their positive aspects and not the bad habits. Once you enter a relationship and start dating each other, these bad lifestyle practices will become more prominent. The older the relationship gets the more troubling it will be for you to see this bad behavior in your guy.

Also, you will slowly get in touch with the true nature of your mate once you start dating. There are only some of them out there who are completely honest about their bad habits.

Talking about bad habits, it can simply mean something like burping in public which can cause embarrassment to some serious issues like regular smoking, drinking and even over-eating.

Once you know that your partner has any of these above mentioned habits, then it not only becomes your requirement but also a responsibility to help him overcome it.

However, being direct about the issue can hurt his male ego, so it is always better to follow some efficient ways. This guide here will provide you with the necessary points and suggestions you will need to get rid of the bad habits in your partner-

How to Help Him Overcome Bad Habits

The Essence of Communicating

A lot of times something as simple as patient talking can help you as well as your partner where the bad habits are concerned.

Ways To Get Rid Of Bad Habits In Partner

Making him realize and understand that certain practices can affect his image as well as that of you guys as a couple in a negative manner will do the needful. Herein, you need to be gentle and patient with him so as to not hurt his ego and make him feel embarrassed.

Give Him Ideal Examples

Sometimes talking to him is just not enough where bad habits are concerned. Giving live examples to him can actually work wonders. This will definitely make him realize where he stands and where he is heading. It does not mean that the example should be someone close only. You can also search them online and play it randomly to make him notice.

Anger Can Do Good

Just in case the above advice doesn’t work on him the way it should, try and use anger as your weapon towards him. This does not mean in public but when you are along with him.

Ways To Get Rid Of Bad Habits In Partner

Being rough can sometimes give you results that gentleness can’t. It can also be in the form of keeping quiet and not talking to him for some days. When he asks the reason, you can bring up the topic easily.

The Art of Mimicry

Copy some of his habits in a fun way when you alone with him. This might just create the magic you are looking for and he might realize that what he is doing is not acceptable.

Use Threats

Threaten him that you will start the same habits like him if he does not stop following them. This can actually be a good way to bring them out of the unacceptable practices.