Vital Causes Of Burning Sensation In Breast

Burning Sensation In Breast The breasts are made of extensive network of glandular tissue, fatty tissue, connective tissue, lymph nodes, blood vessels and nerves. Some women may experience burning sensation during their menstrual period, just before the start of menstruation every month. Others may notice that during ovulation time. Such burning sensations are caused due to hormonal fluctuations in women and are referred as cyclic burning sensation.

Women may also experience non cyclic burning sensation that is not associated with menstrual cycle, and is more commonly observed in women above 30 years and below 50 years of age. This probably is the result of some non cancerous growth or cyst formation. Sometimes, burning sensation could also be the result of clogged milk ducts or breast infection like breast cancer.

Breast infection or diseases may cause inflammation of breast tissue that gradually leads to nerve irritation and damage, resulting in burning sensation. These could be more serious causes of burning sensation of breasts that need to be addressed as soon as one experiences the burning sensation symptom.

Important Causes Of Burning Sensation In Breasts

Inflammatory Breast Cancer

One of the possible causes of burning sensation is inflammatory breast cancer, which is rare and prevalent only at rate of 5 percent of total breast cancer cases. Patients will develop swelling in the affected breast as a result of cancerous growth that constricts the lymph vessels and increases lymph fluid within the breast.

Inflammatory Breast Cancer


Breast also appears to be inflamed and red with an itching and burning sensation. Inflammatory breast cancer may develop rapidly with appearance of symptoms within week’s time. Hence, breast burning sensation should not be ruled out simply as a usual sensation and if, it persists get it diagnosed by the health specialist to rule out such cancers or detect them on time.



Burning sensation in breast is also caused by peripheral nerve damage known as neuropathy. Patients can develop neuropathy, owing to certain disorders like cancer chemotherapy, use of medications and poorly managed diabetes. In certain cases, these damaged nerves lead to altered signaling from pain sensing nerves, causing burning and painful sensation.

This results into a burning painful sensation in breast, accompanied with tingling and numbness. Though, this nerve damage is usually irreversible but women suffering can slow or stop the damage of nerves with use of medications and lifestyle modifications. The burning pain can be relieved by use of analgesic medicines or drugs.


Burning sensation may appear due to breast infection called mastitis. Mastitis are observed commonly in breastfeeding women as at times, infant suckling can cause nipple skin damage, allowing entry point for infectious bacteria.



This breast infection leads to continuous burning sensation which increases with breastfeeding. In mastitis, breast infection is associated with pain, when breast gets touched and leads to development of fever. These breast infections can be cured by use of antibiotics and symptoms will be managed by use of pain relieving drugs.

Breast Implants

Women with silicone breast implants should be aware, before going for breast implants that it could lead to implant rupture that may lead to complications like numbness, pain, tingling or burning sensation in the breast.