Various Causes And Concerns Of Ovulation Linked Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain Painful ovulation is commonly experienced symptom in many women, with an annoying pain at the lower back, referred as ‘Mittelschmerz’ (German word for middle pain). Around 20 percent of women do experience this ovulation associated lower back pain that occurs during ovulation and may last from a minute to 24 hours.

Mittelschmerz is experienced as very sharp twinging pain at one side of the abdomen, lower back or/and pelvis. This is experienced in the middle of menstrual cycle, when a woman ovulates. Though, the lower back pain is not that severe, but serves as an annoying signal of ovulation. This is a very normal pain and women should not be much bothered by it as long as it does not exceed beyond 24 hours.

Probable Causes For Ovulation Pain

Though, menstruation has been extensively studied, but the exact underlying reason of ovulation pain is still not clearly understood, and there are a few probable known causes leading to it.

Fluid And Blood Release

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This is the most predominant reason associated with ovulation linked lower back pain. During the egg release from one of the ovaries, the blood and fluid are also released alongside that can irritate the abdominal lining, generating a twinging pain at the lower back.

Egg Release

The simple process of ovulation, releasing egg from one of the ovaries in each cycle can cause pain. The ovary releases egg by bursting it through the wall of ovary, due to lack of any opening for an egg to pass gently through. This egg bursting may be the cause of pain at that abdominal side, where the ovary has released the egg. That is why ovulation pain is felt only at one of the abdominal ends.

Swollen Follicles Of The Ovaries

Usually, ovulation pain is only one side as only one egg is released at one time by one of the two ovaries, during every ovulation cycle.

Swollen Follicles Of The Ovaries


But, at times, double sided ovulation pain may also be experienced when the ovary follicles, in which eggs mature and develop, get swollen just prior to ovulation.

Inflammation Of Reproductive Organs

Reproductive organs are squeezed between the muscles of lower back and abdomen. During inflammation of reproductive organs through the ovulation cycles, these adjacent muscles may get little tensed, generating pain that can appear as ovulation pain.


Endometriosis could also be one of the possible causes of lower back pain during ovulation. In endometriosis, the uterine tissue grows around the various internal organs and structures.

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During ovulation, when ovaries swell, the uterine tissue gets stretched causing spasms of uterus and fallopian tubes, resulting in lower back pain.

Health Concerns Of Ovulation Linked Lower Back Pain

Though, Mittelschmerz is normally harmless and a usual part of menstrual cycle. But, in case, the pain becomes severe and lasts for more than 24 hours and is accompanied by painful urination, bleeding, vomiting or fever, one ought to seek immediate medical attention as it could be the sign of some serious underlying disease.

Lower back pain observed during ovulation is not a health concern, but by knowing the mechanism of the body and its processes, one can easily differentiate it from other possible causes of back pain that could be the signs of concern.