Vaginal Thrush And Its Symptoms

Vaginal Thrush And Its symptoms Vaginal thrush is also known as candidiasis. This is a type of fungal or yeast infection that affects the vaginal area. Doctors say that as many as 3/4th of all women in the world will have at least one episode of vaginal thrush in their lives. The infection is caused by a certain species of fungi known as Candida Albicans.  This fungus is present on the skin and around the vagina probably all the time but it is not in such large numbers as to cause an infection.

Other good bacteria make sure that the fungus is not able to multiply and lead to a problem. But when something happens that upsets the chemical and biological balance of the vagina, the fungus starts to grow and cause an infection. It is recommended that women should not douche their vaginas with very strong soaps and lotions because the chemicals can cause the PH and acidic levels to drop.

This would be an ideal situation for the fungus to grow in numbers. The best way to treat this type of infection is with the help of antibiotic medication that can be taken orally or be inserted directly into the vagina. You will also be required to keep the area scrupulously clean and avoid all sexual activity till the infection is completely cured.

Your doctor will also recommend that you should wear loose and pure cotton undergarments in order to make sure that the area is well ventilated and dry. Vaginal thrush may also be more common in patients who have medical conditions such as diabetes mellitus, recurrent urinary tract infections etc. Pregnant women are also more susceptible to this infection during the gestation period because their immunity is much lower than normal women.

Signs and Symptoms of Vaginal Thrush


This is one of the first signs of the infection. The woman may suffer from extreme itching in and around the vagina. The more you scratch, the more the area will itch. It has also been seen that itching is worst at night while sleeping.

Pain and Discomfort

Some women may complain that there is pain in the vagina especially after scratching. The region becomes sore due to the fungal infection as well as constant contact with undergarments.

Vaginal Thrush And Its symptoms

Some women may also feel a painful tingling while passing urine or during sexual intercourse.

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Abnormal Discharge

The vaginal discharge drastically changes its appearance due to vaginal thrush. It will become thicker and whiter than before and look very similar to cheese. It may also have a peculiar fishy or foul odor that you would not have noticed before.


Swelling and inflammation of the region is very common in such a situation. This mainly happens in the clitoris and vulva. The area also becomes red and painful especially if you keep rubbing or scratching. The skin can also start becoming dry and cracked if the problem persists.


The woman may suffer from fever if the problem is not treated in time. This is the body’s self defense mechanism in order to fight off the infection in the bloodstream.

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