Useful High Calorie Foods For Cancer Patients

Cancer During cancer treatment, the immune system of the patients tends to weaken and a person may feel more worn out through the active treatment of cancer. Hence, one needs to have careful choices of foods to support the immune system in fighting against the cancer.

Intake foods those are rich in proteins, high in calories and nutrients, to build the lost tissues during cancer treatment, and to regain the weight. In some cases, the patient may undergo a hypermetabolism state that affects the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Such patients need to consume foods with high calories and protein content. Eat the high calorie foods as the largest meal during breakfast, as then the hunger level is normally the most and one has an appetite for it.

Important High Calorie Foods For Cancer Patients

Fruits Pudding

Soft pudding made from fresh fruits serves as energy rich food that is easily digested and easy to eat by the cancer patients. One can use soft peanut butter or a little honey as a topping over the pudding, to add flavor as well as calories to the dish.

Italian Fruit Ices And Frozen Fruit Pops

Those patients, experiencing a sore throat or mouth ulcers, should opt for soft foods that are easily swallowed and even rich in calories like frozen fruit pops and Italian fruit ices.

Italian Fruit Ices

The coolness of these foods ensures that sores are not irritated further and even high energy demands are met.

Milkshakes And Ice-Creams

Fresh ice creams are indeed high calorie foods that are tasty and helpful for gaining strength for cancer patients. One can easily make milkshakes from ice creams and offer it in an alternative form to the patients.

Mashed Potatoes And Soups

Mashed potatoes prepared with butter and milk is a nutritious, calorie rich and easy to eat food. Additionally, cream soups that are not hot, but warm are very useful for cancer patients, who find it difficult to chew and bite foods.

Corn Puree

Corn Puree

Corn is rich calorie food, but a little difficult to digest and soup recipes made from corn using corn puree, provides added nutrition and calorie content to the patients. Puree form makes corn easy for digestion.

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Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is a rich protein diet and when it is mixed with honey or jam, serves as a high calorie food that rebuilds strength and fighting potential of cancer patients. When cottage cheese is topped with a boiled egg, it offers additional protein and calories to the patient.

Mayonnaise and avocados

Put salad dressing, avocados and mayonnaise freely over salads, sandwiches and raw vegetables to increase the calorie content of these foods. One can also use them as sauce to consume along with prepared vegetables meals.


Nuts are both rich in nutrients and calories and hence, very useful for recovering from weakness, during cancer treatment.

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Include nuts like peanuts, macadamias, sesame, pine nuts and brazil nuts as part of the diet. Refer to doctor to know how much amount is adequate for the patient, depending upon the health condition of an individual.