Understanding The Occurrence Of Vaginal Discharge Before Menstruation

Understanding The Occurrence Of Vaginal Discharge Before Menstruation

Women, normally experience various amount of white discharge before menstruation. This vaginal discharge occurs at the start and end of each menstrual cycle. The discharge is the fluid produced by the cervix and glands within the vagina, to dispose of old cells and keep vagina healthy and clean. The white discharge before and after ovulation is normally clear, milk white color, watery and elastic.

The one occurring close to the menses is darker and thicker. Normally, the discharge is odorless and without any itching sign or burning sensation. Usually, a vaginal discharge is not a cause of any worry; however, it can be a signal of the initiation of an underlying problem, in case the color of the discharge differs from the normal white. Sometimes, women may also experience itching or foul odor that may be sign of serious infections.

Occurrence Of Vaginal Discharge Before Menstruation

Various Alterations Of Normal Vaginal Discharge

Clear and elastic discharge is the “fertile” mucus whereas; brown discharge usually gets secreted after termination of a menstruation period. These are normal forms and means of cleaning out the vagina by the body. At certain times, brownish discharge or spotting may occur at the start of the period, it is the result of implantation bleeding, which occurs as a result of fetus implantation in the endometrial lining of the uterus.

The spotting and brownish discharge at start or a week before periods is a sign of early pregnancy. Women using contraceptive pills also get the brown discharge before menstruation and a few observed it when their periods reach the highest peak point and these all are quite normal signs.

Signs Of Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

Changes in amount or color of vaginal discharge could be a sign of infection. Vaginal infections occur commonly in women and most of the women, experience vaginal infection at some point of time in their lives. Symptoms of vaginal infections include white, cottage cheese like discharge, yellow or green color discharge, increased persistent discharge, discharge associated with itching, soreness or rash and burning sensation during urination.

Several Infections Causing Abnormal Vaginal Discharge Before Menstruation

Yeast Infection

During moist conditions, usually chances of yeast infection increases but these are not transmitted sexually. Under stress, illness, on medications or pregnancy, when the immune system efficiency gets low down, the yeast infections make their way in. Even, women on birth pills become more susceptible to yeast infections that produces thick, cottage- cheese appearing white discharge.

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Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)

The most common form of vaginal infection is bacterial vaginosis, where thin white, yellow or grayish discharge with fish like odor occurs. This is a result of bacterial imbalance with an unknowing cause. The smell becomes more apparent after sexual activity and increases the risk of HIV. Complications worsen when a women having bacterial vaginosis becomes pregnant.


Sexually transmitted disease of gonorrhea may show signs of cloudy, yellowish discharge with urinary incontinence and bleeding in between the periods. It can be treated and infection spread could be avoided that may lead to Pelvic inflammatory disease.

Measures To Prevent Abnormal Discharge

Always keep vaginal area neat and dry by using a mild soap and warm water. Avoid using any scented body wash and overindulgence in bubble baths these put one at risk for vaginal infections. Try using cotton panties that keeps the portion more airy and dry.In case of any abnormality in discharge before menstruation, get it analyzed by the gynecologist and treated for the underlying cause.