Types Of Women’s Shirt

With men wearing a range of shirts, women are also getting encouraged to show off their own style through shirts made especially for them. Shirts are classy, smart and quite hassle free which enable working women to give their best to their work without caring for their outfit.

So, here is a look at different types of formal, semiformal and informal shirts available in the market for women.

Different Kinds Of Women’s Shirt

Formal Shirts

Formal shirts are made for official uses which look quite smart as well as descent. Every woman should have at least a couple of white formal shirts in their wardrobe for relevant occasions.

And not only for wearing in the office, dressy formal shirts can also be adorned in official parties and other such formal occasions where the dressing style is especially taken care of.

Today, most of the office-going ladies are opting for formal shirts and trousers due to the high flexibility and variations available for the outfit. So, here is a look at the types of formal shirts available for women.

Types Of Women’s Shirt

Plain Shirts

Plain shirts are very formal. They are usually designed in solid colors, checks and stripes. Although solid colored and striped shirts are best for office wear, small and decent checks can also look quite smart and professional. Plain shirts are available in a range of different sleeve lengths and collar types like Henley and band collars.

So, if you are tired with the same solids and striped shirts, going for a trendy yet professionally suitable checked shirt should add freshness to your looks.

Pleated Shirts

Pleated shirts are very much in fashion these days. These are modern and look quite classy when compared to plain formal shirts. Pleated shirts are versatile in the sense that they can be worn in both office and for semiformal occasions.

Types Of Women’s Shirt

Pleated shirts may vary in looks according to the number of pleats and if the shirts are provided with a bib front. Bib front shirts are so called as they are attached with a rectangular bib like piece of cloth from inside and are designed with either pleats or piques. For a modern yet formal look, pleated shirts are the best option for office going ladies.

Semiformal Shirts

Semiformal shirts are those kinds of shirts which are meant to be worn for semiformal and informal occasions like office parties and also for formal events like for wearing in the office. However, there are certain kinds of shirts for women, which should be kept away from banking and other such offices.

Ruffled Shirts

Ruffled shirts look very professional yet trendy. These kinds of shirts are so called because they have a specific style of ruffled fabric. Ruffles may be arranged in a vertical column either on the front placket or a little away from it on the either side.

Types Of Women’s Shirt

Casual Or Informal Shirts

Informal shirts are normally dressy or plain shirts which have an essence of casualness in them. Casual shirts are available in an array of different sleeve lengths, fabrics, neck styles, lengths and button arrangements.


T-shirts are classic casual shirts which can be quite funky as well as decent. T-shirts are available in various types of sleeves ranging from full-sleeves to short sleeves and different necklines.

T-shirts when paired with denims or jeans look quite playful and these are quite affordable to be worn as an everyday wear.


Tunics are simply elegant and classy enough to be fitted into any girl’s wardrobe. These shirts are made of silky materials and are normally longer than t-shirts.

Tunic tops are characterized by loose flowing tops and their length generally comes down to the thigh length. Pair them with jeans or tight leggings and you will have a rocking day.

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