Types Of Scarves For Women

Types Of Scarves For Women Scarves are types of clothes that are worn round the head or neck region. With the advancement of many types of scarves, women can now scroll through the range to choose their favorite ones.

Scarves are one of those accessories that are evergreen to a woman’s style and can be used in any weather. So, here is a brief description about some of the popular types of scarves that are making women go crazy.

Different Kinds Of Scarves For Women


A bandana is an oversized kerchief that is primarily used for protection or as a style statement. The word “bandana” or “bandanna” has been derived from the Hindi word “Bandhana” means “To tie”.

Bandanas have become very popular now-a-days due to the bold and fashionable statement they make. Women primarily wear them around their forehead to keep their hair from falling over the eyes and to protect their head as a whole.

But bandanas are also sometimes worn around the neck like scout-scarves. Bandanas are available in a wide range of color options and print options and these are generally made of cotton but silk and other fabrics are also used for the same purpose.

Pashmina Scarves

Pashmina scarves are made out of a special fabric like cashmere wool. Genuine pashmina is very soft, thinner than wool and is surprisingly very warm.

Types Of Scarves For Women

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Genuine pashmina scarves are one of the most expensive scarves available as the fabric itself is very pricey. These scarves are normally longer and wider in size and can be found in solid colors or printed patterns like stripes and polka dots.

Although being native to Nepal and Kashmir (India), pashmina scarves have gained worldwide popularity due to their light weight, soft texture and the considerable amount of warmth that they provide even in very low temperature.

Cowl Scarf

Cowl scarfs are the latest addition to scarf’s inventory. These scarves are usually tubular in shape and are worn around the neck to keep it warm in winter.

Cowl scarfs are widest available scarves which are generally made out of wool and are knitted in a chained or ribbed wave pattern. You can wear cowl scarves either in a loose form or by folding them over your neck to keep it tightly protected.

Apart from that, cowl scarves also allow you to pull these over your face and head to keep you warm in winter. Cowl scarves are not only protective but also quite fashionable as they make quite a fashion statement by being prominent even in a huge crowd. Team these up with denims or jeans and a tee to create a cool look for the winters.

Types Of Scarves For Women

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Fashionable Scarves

These are mostly used for fashion purposes rather than for wearing in winter. Fashionable scarves can vary in width and length and they can also be designed with various types of fabrics like silk, chiffon, lurex, satin, chenille, lace, georgette, nylon, viscose and velvet.

Just wrap them around your neck and team them up with a tank top to make a subtle yet prominent fashion statement.

Snood Scarf

A snood scarf is a long circular shaped scarf that has no ends unlike a traditionally two-way ending scarf. Snood scarves can be wrapped around the neck region in the form of an “eight” and upto the nose to get complete protection and warmth during winter.

Snood scarves when tied around the neck can look very much like cowl scarves, but an unwrapped snood scarf is much thinner as compared to a wide cowl scarf.

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