12 Effective Pimple Home Remedies

Pimples are horrible to see and feel! Who doesn’t want them to fade away, along with that yucky pus and not to mention the unsightly scars? While there are people who squeeze them in an effort to banish them in no time, it is a strict no-no.
Pimples These will simply worsen the condition and will cause the boil to burst and spread the infection to the adjoining skin area, or maybe damaging the skin. Pimples can be healed, dried and even faded not with some physical pressure, but with some tender loving care, proper hygiene and loads of natural cures, by way of home remedies. The following will tell you the list of ingredients to resort to, to banish those eruptions in no time!

Effective Home Remedies For Pimple

Mint Is Natural Coolant

Mint is natural coolant and does wonders in treating pimples. Just apply a little paste of the fresh mint leaves and leave it on the pimples as in spots and wash it after 15 minutes. The leaves being cool will dry the pimples and will help in banishing those painful boils. Regular usage will help in banishing the scars as well. Mint Is Natural Coolant

Egg Whites Are A Good Way To Tone The Skin

Toning is essential to removes excess oil from the face, leaving it pimple free. Hence, use an egg white and apply all over the face, till it dries completely. The egg white not just removes excess oiliness from the face, but simultaneously dries the pus filled pimple and helps in fading it away. Regular use will impart a glow to the skin as well. Egg Whites Are A Good Way To Tone The Skin

Neem Paste Is Antiseptic

Neem is one of those potent antiseptic plants, which can be used for internal as well as external cleasning. For pimples, it’s effective to use a paste of fresh neem leaves and apply on to the spots and allow it to sit for awhile!. Being antiseptic, it will reduce the pimple size, dry out the pus and prevent it to spread to other areas as well.
Neem Paste Is Antiseptic

Fuller’s Earth

This is one home remedy that has been in use for ages. Come every summer or monsoon season, and all the people with oily skin swear by this home treatment. The natural clay helps to dry out the pimples, cleaning the face of excess oil and sebum and also brightening it instantly. It can be mixed with a few drops of honey, to prevent skin dryness. However, for pimples, it’s best to go for spot application using the clay and a few drops of rose water alone. Fuller’s Earth

Peppermint Oil Is Also A Great Way To Reduce Pimples

Like mint, peppermint is also quite effective in dealing with boils, pimples and acne. Whether you are suffering from a bump or at the stage of a whole pus filled boil or simply recuperating from it, the essential oil will do wonders in healing the same. Peppermint Oil

Gram Flour Is Quite Effective Too

Other than drying the pimples, besan is very good in bringing out the fairness in one’s skin, fading away all the marks by way of unsightly scars and blemishes. Though the besan brings out a healthy glow, it can make the skin go dry. Use a little besan with some curd or simply apply it with some honey to see the effects of dryness fade away too. Gram Flour

Lemon Juice Works On Marks Pretty Well

Lemon juice or anything citrus for that matter, works brilliantly on pimples and it’s after effects, including the scars. It removes excess oil from the face, cleanses the skin and allows the pimple to soothe and heal naturally! Use a few drops of the lemon juice and dab it onto the spots. Using powdered lemon rind or lemon peel, or orange peel is another way of treating the acne. Lemon Juice Works On Marks Pretty Well

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Potato Peel Is A Wonder Drug For Pimples And Scars

Potatoes have something miraculous to act on pimples. They dry them out completely and help in fading them away. Regular use of either the potato peel or the juice of the stem tuber will help in eliminating pimples, clearing the face from boils and making it healthier and clean. Potato Peel

Apple Cider Vinegar Works Well

Using cotton ball dipped in apple cider vinegar, undiluted is very good for the pimples. They dry out a pimple and also that offensive blemish in no time. However, since it’s too strong, it’s not advisable to use the undiluted vinegar as a splash on the face plenty of time. Simply using it for spot application, no more than twice a day will be good. Apple Cider Vinegar

Slap Some Mustard To Reduce Those Boils

Mustard is an effective way to treat those painful boils. Just slap some freshly powdered mustard paste onto the spot to see the effect. Sometimes the mustard has some drying effect, so in order to nullify the effect, use some honey. Leave the application for about 15 minutes and wash it off. Regular use will reduce the pimples starkly. Since mustard is naturally rich in salicylic acid, it works well on acne. Slap Some Mustard

Green Tea Is Good Too

Green tea is rich in anti-oxidants and does wonders when consumed or even when applied. Just prepare some green tea liquor and cool it in the refrigerator. Take a cotton ball and dip it in some cool tea and dab on spots. The spot application or a clean swipe of the ball, dipped in green tea, will eliminate the pimples quickly. For more effectiveness, prepare ice cubes with the tea concoction and rub it onto the face. It’s cooling and an anti-inflammatory property makes the skin heal and clear. Green tea

Tomatoes Are Great For Banishing Blemishes

Starting with pimples, to treating the acne scars, tomato juice works well over everything in-between. Try extracting the puree or juice of the vegetable and apply on face. Keep it for a while and then wash it off. Being rich in natural astringent like properties, the juice works very well in drying the acne and clearing the scars. It’s also a natural anti-tan agent, so regular usage of the tomato peel or juice will keep the tan as well as the marks at bay! Tomatoes