8 Trendy Saree Blouse Designs And Patterns


A saree in itself is a very stylish and sensuous ensemble. A nicely draped saree can drastically change the appearance of a girl turning her into an elegant fashion icon. Beautifully done hair, perfect accessorising, right makeup and there is nothing else required. But keeping everything else aside, there is nothing which can raise the style quotient of a saree as much as a blouse which is bang on in terms of fashion.

A simple piece of cloth can become an absolute stunner if teamed up with the right blouse. But at the same time, few naïve women end up goofing up while picking a blouse in their attempt to embellish their attire all the more.

Such a faux pass due to overdressing especially can land one into very awkward situations owing to a small error in judgement. So, enlisted below are a few infallible blouse patterns and designs which will certainly spice up any bland look.

Types of Saree Blouse Designs

1. Halter Blouse

A halter blouse is a very trendy outfit which looks gorgeous with all type of sarees especially the ones in net, chiffon or georgette fabric. You can pick the length of the stripes depending upon the amount of skin show that you permit yourself to do. The stripes can either be tied at the back of the neck or can be worn like a usual halter top.

2. Noodle-Strapped Blouse

A blouse having only two slender stripes in place of sleeves is a perfect pick for an extrovert and stylish chick confident in brandishing her beautiful collar bones and neck region. The two almost invisible straps can be made of anything right from a transparent lace fabric to a metallic chain. Padded blouses eliminate the need of wearing an inner below the blouse.

3. Choli Style Blouse

A blouse stitched like a choli having a thick thread called dori to be tied is very much in vogue these days. A choli blouse beautified with an intricate embroidery work is becoming a rage not only among women but young girls as well who look ethnic yet trendy in such blouses.

There can either be only one knot to be tied around the neck region or there can be extensive work of threads all over the back which turns into a beautiful web when tied. A choli type blouse allows one to flaunt amazing designs on the sleeves and back.

4. Backless Blouse

The most outrageous and out-of-the-box design of a blouse is one sans a back. A blouse can be made backless either by keeping only thin strips of cloth in the name of back or by supporting it with slender threads at the back baring it all. A halter blouse can make a sultry backless blouse if it comprises of minimum clothing at the back.

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5. Tube Blouse

An off-shoulder blouse revealing the collar bones and enticing neck region of a woman is a tube blouse. A perfectly set loose end of the saree with thin pleats accentuates the look of such a blouse. Generally such blouses can be carried very well in parties and special occasions. Heavy neck pieces can grant more grace to the attire in case you are not comfortable sporting a blouse as exposing as this.

6. Corset Blouse

A corset is an outfit made of a very stiff texture which hugs the body very tightly giving the waist a beautiful hourglass type look. A corset blouse is the latest entry in the fashion circuit. The body shaping blouse generally preferred in tube style looks absolutely smashing below a saree. It is generally till mid-riff and heavily embellished with embroidery, stones, beads or a beautiful pattern.

7. Full Sleeved Blouse

Full sleeved blouses keep pouncing in and out of fashion. Popularised during the retro era and making its presence felt at regular intervals, full sleeves in blouses are definitely here to stay. Apart from granting an extraordinary appeal to the saree, full sleeves also keep the grace of this traditional attire intact.

The sleeves can be in any texture such as the normal cloth of the blouse, lace, net or in any other contrasting fabric altogether. A blouse with sleeves which are puffed up at either of the two ends also looks classic. Three-fourth sleeves can also be preferred if not full.

8. Regular Sleeved And Adorned Blouse

You can look totally stunning even if you don’t have a penchant for skimpy and fancy blouses. All you need to do is to pick a piece of cloth which is beautifully adorned and get it turned into a ravishing blouse. Such a blouse would make you look charming and reasonably sultry without showing any more skin than what you are comfortable with.

You can get as creative as possible with the sleeves, the back or the neck of the blouse by going for numerous shapes such as diamond, pentagon, deep-round, boat-necked or having broad straps in various designs. So, don’t just focus on the saree that you select but also on the kind of blouse you get stitched along with it. Remember, a blouse can make or break the look of your saree.