Top Skin Care Secrets Of Super Models

Skin Care Secrets Of Super Models

Skin care secrets and skin care routines are as important to us as our everyday nutrition. However, there are certain specific skin care regimes and tips that go a long way in benefiting us in such a manner that we finally get the dream skin we have always wished for. While we have our mothers, grand mothers and sisters to pass-on the best known skin secrets, let us take a peek at some of the skin care secrets that the super models swear by.

Below Are The Skin Care Secrets Of Super Models:

1. Erin Heatherton: Use A Skin Specific Product

According to Erin Heatherton, you should avoid using too many products at one time on your face. She claims that, this can irritate the skin and result in break-outs as well. Her best known beauty secret is to eat food items that are a rich source of Vitamin A, as it is known to keep the skin glowing.

Erin Heatherton Use A Skin Specific Product

2. Kendall Jenner: Always Keep Your Skin Clean

The style-royalty and fashion modal Kendall Jenner has her elder-sister to thank to for the ultimate skin care guidelines. The young star claims that properly washing her face multiple times every day helps keep the blemishes away. Kendall Jenner also claims that you should avoid touching your face too many times and never ever pick on a pimple, as it will result in stubborn scars.


3. Jaime King: Be Gentle With Your Skin

Jaime King’s secret to stalling wrinkles from appearing around your eyes is to avoid rubbing your eyes while removing your eye-makeup. According to her, it is important to be as gentle as possible with your eye-makeup removal as it is the top-most reason for the appearance of pre-mature wrinkles. Jaime King recommends using mild, nourishing organic oils like Coconut with soft tissue-paper or cotton to wipe-off your eye-makeup.


4. Victoria Brito: Stick To Natural Beauty Treatments

Victoria Brito might be a super-model endorsing a zillion brands at a time, however, her skin care secrets are very modest and surprisingly ancient. She believes in washing her face first thing in the morning and using a nice moisturizer to lock the moisture into the skin. For the dark-circles, she opts for the very well tried and tested potato-treatment, where you place slices of freshly cut potatoes on your eyes and watch them do their wonders. To get rid of blackheads, you could use sugar and freshly squeezed lemon juice to and rub the mixture gently on your skin to get a squeaky-clean skin in no time.


5. Jourdan Dunn: Maintain A Night-Time Skin Regime

For this hot, dusky super model, skin care routine is all about sticking on to a night-time routine and following it religiously. For this, you need to make the best out of the sleep-time. Invest in a face-polish, face balm and essential oils that you can layer-upon just before you hit the sack. This will help your skin-revival process overnight, where you wake-up in the morning with a smooth, well-toned skin.


So, these were the skin care secrets of some of the top-modals we have all over the globe, get started with the routine that suits you the best and acquire beautiful skin in no-time.

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