Top Sensitive Dry Skin Care

Sensitive Dry Skin Do you hate going out in summers cause you feel your skin cracking and itching like hell? Do you hate the winter season for you think it will only aggravate the flakiness and redness on your face, arms and legs? We know what your problem is.

It is sensitive dry skin or xeroderma (as it is scientifically known as). It is a problem which a lot many people face but it is definitely not a problem without a solution. As a matter of fact, there are handy remedies for sensitive dry skin problems so that you will no longer consider dry and sensitive skin to be a big issue. The remedies are as shown below:-

Tips For Sensitive Dry Skin Care

Olive Oil Effect

Apply olive oil or coconut oil over you entire body as many times as possible depending on the weather and you will notice the miracles that these natural oils do to the texture of your skin.

Olive Oil

Over the decades both olive oil and coconut oil have been recommended by dermatologists and beauticians alike as an effective cure for dry skin issues. Both these oils help in restoring the moisture back to the skin and therefore the skin becomes less dry without any damage.

Baking Soda For A Beautiful Skin

Take bath with this skin friendly substance by sponge bathing your skin with about four tablespoons of baking soda to one quart of water. This also relieves the sensitive skin from itching by adding one cup of baking soda to the hot water tub with which you take bath. Soak your skin in the tub for half an hour and then dry yourself and see the magical effect.

Baking soda is the best as far as curing the sensitive and dry skin problems like roughness which gives rise to problems like itching and irritation. Itching can make the problem spread easily, hence, rapid and fast cure becomes very much necessary.

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Vinegar For The Desired Skin

This chemical is the least acidic substance. Hence, it can be very well utilised by you. It would never be harmful to your body since it can very well remove the roughness of the skin.

Apple Cider Vinegar

The technique involved in order to do so is to first wash the hands properly with water, and then apply vinegar. After that wear on soft pair of gloves and leave them like that for one night.

Aloe Vera For The Ultimate Effect

This is one of the best methods as far as sensitive dry skin problem is concerned. Aloe Vera is very easily found herb that can be used to cure your skin problems. The technique of its application is very simple. Simply cut and take a slice of Aloe Vera and apply the sticky transparent coloured substance on the face.

Do this for several days and you will see the difference. It is also useful in getting glow in the skin. Also you can mix honey and milk and use the mixture of paste by applying it on the face. These products which are naturally available are the most beneficial.