Top Natural Cures For Menopause

Natural Cures For Menopause It is normal for every woman to go through the menopausal phase after reaching a certain stage of her life. Though it sounds like a relief from the monthly cramps and bleeding, the phase itself has many complications and symptoms that can be botheration for the woman facing it. Not all women go through the symptoms of menopause.

However, for those who do experience the symptoms, natural treatments can help curb the symptoms and its severity that cause misery in the senior years of the woman.¬†More than forty percent of women face the symptoms of menopause and have found relief through natural treatment with herbs, lifestyle changes and food and homeopathy remedies. A few of them include as follows: –

Natural Ways To Cure Menopause

Vitamin E

It is essential to maintain the moisture of the body in general and in the vaginal area when undergoing menopause. Foods rich in vitamin E like almonds, pine nuts, sunflower oil, dried herbs like basil, peanuts, dried apricots etc. should be included in diet.

Vitamin E

Green and leafy vegetables and crunchy salads are also essential to hydrate the body. You can also apply vitamin E enriched oil on the vaginal area for lubrication.


With high quantities of isoflavones, soy is a good source of phytoestrogens i.e. plant estrogens. When undergoing the hormonal changes, symptoms like night sweats and hot flashes can be controlled by consumption of soy milk and tofu. It also helps in maintaining cholesterol levels which in turn keeps a check on weight gain during menopausal phase. Soy in powdered or tablet form, however, is not recommended.

Breathing Exercises, Yoga And Aerobics

By improving the blood circulation and general wellness of the body, exercises in any form is good for elder women. It keeps the system rejuvenated and gives immune system the strength to fight back the mess.

Home Remedies For Tightening A Vagina

Yoga, meditation and exercises reduce irritability and hot flashes. At the same time exercise stretches the body and aids better sleep. It is also essential to indulge in mind diverting activities to prevent stress and trauma of menopausal phase.

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Black Cohosh And Wild Yam

Black Cohosh is a plant based estrogen controller and Wild Yam, a progesterone controller. These herbs are helpful in treatment of menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, anger, moods swings, depression and sleeplessness. For many it is also beneficial for physical changes like vaginal dryness and irritability. Though effective, the flipside of these herbs is that for some it might not work for good at all, and for those who it does, is for a very short period.

Flax Seeds

Flax Seeds in original form or flaxseed oil is one of the best estrogenic foods for natural treatment of menopause. The acid content of the seed or oil gets converted into Omega-3 fatty acids during digestion that controls the hormonal changes in the body.

How to Naturally Increase Vaginal Lubrication

Besides consumption benefits, application of flaxseed oil keep the vaginal area supple and prevents pain, drying and tearing. Care should be taken to avoid heating the oil to maintain its healthy properties.