Top Five Home Remedies For Acne

Natural Remedies For Acne Skin Care Acne is a serious roadblock to achieving your dream of perfect, smooth, flawlessly glowing and visibly healthy skin. When acne overtakes most parts of your face, it is best to go in for a skin damage treatment by a dexterous doctor.

However, if the damage caused by acne is not that extreme, you can easily and conveniently cure them at home itself. Here are the top five home remedies to help you deal with your acne problems successfully :-

Effective Natural Remedies For Acne

Clean Your Skin With Vinegar

Vinegar is the most basic and yet the most effective safeguard against acne that you could subscribe to, at home. It eliminates surplus oil from your skin and its pores, and also destroys the bacteria that result in acne.

Easy Beauty Recipes Using Vinegar

Although any kind of vinegar usually solves the purpose, apple vinegar is said to have the least side effects. Mix some vinegar with water and your home-made, anti-acne skin cleanser is ready to do the work!

Use Lemon Juice To Kill Acne Bacteria

Like vinegar, lemon juice is also a highly effective anti-acne skin cleanser. All you have to do is scrub a piece of lemon all over your face in the evenings, and wash it off the next day. Lemon juice is more effective than vinegar in fighting off acne bacteria. However, both are more useful if used together.

While using lemon juice and vinegar to cleanse your skin, do remember that they tend to dehydrate your skin by drying away the moisture. So do not fail to apply moisturizers, creams, and lotions generously after cleansing your skin with these homemade products.

Acne Treatment With Egg Whites

This is certainly one of the most commonly used anti-acne skin treatment recipe, at home. All you have to do is beat an egg white, prepare a paste, and apply it gently all over your face with clean hands.

Egg White

This creates a natural, protective mask all over your face. Remove it in a couple of hours and watch your face glow and your acne sink themselves in!

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Treat Your Acne With Oatmeal

Another great way to rejuvenate your skin and destroy your acne is using oatmeal to do the same. Boil the oatmeal in lukewarm water for a while, and then let it lose its heat. In 20 minutes, take the paste that has been prepared and apply lightly to your face. Wash it off with mildly warm water. Practising this regularly will easily help you overcome your acne problems in a month or so!

Take Foods With Vitamin B5

This is not one of the short cut methods to deal with acne problems. Although it will take more time to show its impact, it will be a relatively permanent solution to your acne troubles. Do remember to take foods rich inVitamin B5, like meat, mushrooms, eggs, fruits like oranges, bananas, etc, beans, and so on.


These foods contain pantothenic acid which is actually the main resistance your body can offer to acne. Follow the above home made remedies and your skin is bound to feel the difference in a very short time!