Top Facial Tips For Glowing Skin

Top Facial Tips For Glowing Skin For that ever-glowing skin, what won’t a woman do? Massage is the best way to keep your skin glowing. A facial does just that for your skin. There are various kinds of facials available in the market, and the things to bear in mind in order to choose the right one for you is to know your skin type before hand. Better the understanding of your skin, the better results it will fetch you.

There are always four to five steps that are involved in any facial that you want to indulge yourself in, but the devil is really in knowing the detail of the type of facials. Below are these facials demystified for you so that you know what is that you want when going in for a facial or giving one to yourself on your own.

Best Facials for Glowing Skin


This is the most basic type of facial, which is not exactly a facial but it does pretty much the same thing as a facial does, which is to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize the skin. This facial is even good for people who are below the age of 30.

In this first the facial skin is cleansed with a cleanser, then the face is put under steam, which will open up the pores of the skin exposed to this steam. After the steaming is done, a facial scrub is applied on your face, gently.

Top Facial Tips For Glowing Skin

Now the act of removing white heads or black heads take place. Once the skin is steered clear of these, a cleanser is applied and your skin in massaged and the dead cells are removed.

Then mask is applied for about ten to fifteen minutes. Once the mask is dried up, just wash it and pat your face dry. This basic cleanup to your face is like bathing is to your body.

Normal and Special Facials

These two together are a notch up from the basic cleanup facial, only in one sense- the skin is massaged for a little longer than it is in a basic cleanup. Then the difference between the normal and special facial is the difference in the cream that is used to cleanse the skin and in the mask that is applied afterwards.

The creams that are used in special facials are more powerful in their cleansing. There are various types of creams, from mid-rage to high-range, that are used in the special facials, which you could choose according to your specific need form the facial and your skin type.

Within the facial family of special and normal, there are two types of facials (chemical based and organic). The fruit facial (organic) is the safest for the obvious reason that they are organic and free of any chemicals.

Women prefer them to chemical ones any day, unless there is a special need to choose the harsher ones to battle some skin trouble. The top most ones on the list of fruit facials are cucumber, avocados, peaches, bananas and strawberries, especially because they suit all skin types and leave the skin ever refreshing.

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Acne Treatment Facial

The facial of this type is specifically targeted for the young adults or other people who are prone to acne. In this facial special care is given to the dead cells and their extraction.

The creams used for massage are mostly oil-free, anti-bacterial creams. The frequency of this type of facial is higher than the other facials for normal skinned people. Most people who go in for acne-treatment facials do it twice a month.

Collagen Facial

This facial type is normally clubbed under the category of preventive facials. It is to help your skin go through the daily grind of pollution, dirt, rough weather, etc., with a fighter’s attitude.

Top Facial Tips For Glowing Skin

A dry, frozen collagen sheet is used over the skin and under your mask or the liquid nutrients that are used in this facial, to ensure hydration of the skin.

Facelift Facial

This is your classic non-surgical facelift. Apart from the normal procedures that a facial include, whether normal or special facial, in this a special treatment is given for dark circles, blemishes, wrinkles that age brings in your face.

This type of facial is done mostly after the age 40 or so when the natural glow of the skin goes down no matter what the diet and other beauty regimens have been there to save it in the past. The bio-lift mask that is applied on your skin at the end of it the most salient feature of this facial.

Galvanic Facial

As the title suggests, this facial includes a gadget to pass galvanic current through the skin to help the creams that are used for cleaning and moisturizing reach in the depths of the skin. It is mostly used for facials that are for specific treatments of facial skin problems.

Aromatherapy Facials

Now these are one of the luxurious facials. In this essential oils are contained in the mask that is applied at the end of the facial, and it is this that that makes all the difference.

Top Facial Tips For Glowing Skin

The whole purpose of this facial is to make you feel rejuvenated and help in skin cells regeneration. It is really your face in a spa.

Gold Facial

Gold facial is the most expensive facial one can buy around in the facials’ market. As the name suggests it really has 24-karat gold in it that penetrates the skin when the cream is messaged.

Gold is really good with steering the skin clear of toxin and other wastes. After doing the standard work, it leaves the skin with its sheen and shows why it is the most expensive one around, radiating youthfulness and shine to envy.

The above listed facial types encompass all the skin types and the problems that your particular skin type is prone to. The key, always to remember, is that you need to know your skin fully before going in for a facial. The awareness of these facials will help you choose the one that caters to your need for a facial best.