Top Diet Tips For Weight Loss

Weight Loss With increased westernization, access to junk and refined food has become easier. It has become harder to resist the yummy treats that are out on display in confectionaries, malls and departmental stores.

This has not only spiked our taste buds but has also added several inches to our waistlines. Thus, the battle of the bulge has become more arduous than before. Healthy weight loss starts by overhauling your diet and making a concerted lifestyle change in the way you look at and consume food. A healthy relationship with food will keep you fit, svelte and timelessly young.

Best Diet For Weight Loss

Snack But Smartly

Traditionally most people eat 3 large meals. This leads to dips in blood sugar levels making you reach for that bag of potato chips just before your lunch. Instead eat 6-7 smaller meals throughout the day. This staves off hunger, prevents binges and also keeps your metabolism high.

Thus, if you are also exercising, you will be burning calories at a much faster rate than if you were eating 3 meals only. Go in for wholesome and healthy snacks like fruits, salads and nuts which are good snack options.

Don’t Miss The Breakfast

You must start your day with a king size breakfast. A healthy and wholesome breakfast boosts metabolism, prevents binge fests and skyrockets your energy levels. Aim for a breakfast that has a healthy mix of carbs, proteins and minerals for a quick energy fix.

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Good breakfast meals are oats with fruit, other cereals with fruit, fruit smoothies, whole grain or multigrain sandwiches with milk etc. These give you the energy and sustenance you need to get through your day. People who eat breakfast regularly also lose weight faster than those who do not.

Portion Control

I have always exercised the ‘moderation principle’ when it comes to food. Eat everything in moderation should be the adage for sustained weight loss. Do not deprive yourself. If you have been strict during the week, allow yourself a couple of weekend treats. It will not kill you. In fact constant deprivation will make you crabby and unlikely to stick to your weight loss goals.

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Make Minor Changes And Tweaks

Going on a crash diet or a special diet is something which you will not be able to stick to in the long run as these do not work. It is better to bring about systematic and smaller changes in your diets.

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For instance cutting down the portion of carbs you eat is much better than bringing in exotic ingredients or going off carbs completely. Over time, you are more likely to be successful in sticking to this form of eating.

Eating Tricks

Never eat in front of the TV as you are likely to eat more. Eat food on the dining table and take out at least half an hour for your meals. Try mixing up your diet so that you are not bored of eating the same food day after day. Stop eating just before you are full. It has been said that the brain takes 20 minutes to signal the feeling of the stomach being full.