Top Causes Of Common Yeast Infections

Top Causes Of Common Yeast Infections Overgrowth of the yeast fungus, otherwise known as Candida albicans leads to an infection in the vaginal area that is called yeast infection. In the vagina, existence of yeast is quite common but an infection results in its overgrowth. This infection can be a source of considerable irritation, inconvenience and discomfort even though it’s not very dangerous.

Nevertheless, people wish to eliminate this infection at the earliest. But before opting for treatment, it is essential to learn the symptoms and causes of the common yeast infection.

Here are Some Common Causes of Yeast Infection-

High Sugar Intake

Excessive growth of the fungus Candida causes the infection. Sugar is needed for the development of this fungus and it thrives in a moist and warm environment. Those people will be more susceptible to this infection, who have a high intake of sugar rich foods. This infection can be cured by cutting back on sugar laden items.

This is due to the fact that yeast obtains nutrients from sugar and it will grow excessively in case of too much sugar. However, this problem can be dealt with via several alternatives. In this case, yeast infection can also be expurgated via a high intake sugar diet.

Poor Hygiene

Top Causes Of Common Yeast Infections

Changing pads and tampons frequently is also recommended because their extended use can cause the fungus to overgrow and lead to infection. Also, not changing undergarments frequently or not cleaning the area properly causes common yeast infections.

Use Of Cosmetics

Frequent yeast infections occur with the growth of this fungus in the vagina. When objects and chemicals come into contact with the vagina, they promote the growth of the fungus. Use of douches should be controlled as the growth of the fungus is increased by frequent douching. The infection can also be caused by regular use of feminine products such as deodorants and sprays. Similarly, the infection can also take root because of the constant use of bath products including bathing salts.

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Illnesses And Disease That May Lead To Yeast Infections

Yeast infection can also be caused by some medical conditions because the immune system is suppressed by them. Diabetes mellitus, HIV/AIDS, cancer and pregnancy are some of the conditions that give rise to the infection.

Top Causes Of Common Yeast Infections

When women are suffering from yeast infection on a constant basis, it is mostly because it is RVCC or recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis. This infection is mostly common in women who are suffering from diseases that have an impact on the immune system but this particular problem might also be acquired by healthy women.


Occurring in the vaginal area of women, yeast infection is highly painful and discomforting. If the case is uncomplicated, some simple over the counter medications can be used for treatment because it’s not highly dangerous. However, there might be some negative side effects of these medications that one wishes to avoid.

The aforementioned causes are usually the culprit behind the development of yeast infection in most women. In order to provide proper treatment for the infection, it is crucial for people to identify the causes of the infection and eliminate them gradually.

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