Top Causes Of Breast Cancer In Women

Breast Cancer In Women Cancer is a very disastrous disease which has taken a heavy toll of human life. We can even say that this disease has cut the threads of many human lives and even decreased the life span of many individuals.

In ancient times people were not much aware about this disease and it was incurable. But today due to vast progress in medical science doctors are successful in finding drugs and medication to control cancer and help people to live long and better.

There are different types of cancers like blood cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer and many more. They can occur to anyone at any point of time but the serious problem which is encountered by many women of different ages in the present times and that is the problem of lump formation in or under the breats in mammary glands and it is known as the problem of “Breast Cancer”.

Breast Cancer can occur due to many reasons and if we generalize it some of them can be due to growth of cancer cells in your body, it can be heredity it can also occur due to genetical problems. This article focuses on the top causes of breast cancer in women. You would get a glimpse of all the top causes of breast cancer in women as follows.

Five Causes Of Breast Cancer In Women

Heredity Causes Horrendous Results

Heredity plays a very crucial role in development of breast cancer and it can be regarded as one of the major causes of breast cancer in women.

Horrendous Results


If any member of your family that is the first relations or blood relations are having this disease or had any past history of cancer then your chance of getting prone to this disease increases to a greater extent. Because if the affected individual is in blood relation with you then there are more chances of the infected genes getting transmitted to your body and it may cause breast cancer.

Direct Relation With Increasing Age

With increasing age in women there are more chances to get breast cancer. Young women have a lesser chance of catching this disease as compared to middle aged and elder women. Some of the hormones in women in later age play an important role in catching this disease. Women’s reproductive age and menstrual period is also taken in to consideration. This all constituents play an important role in causing breast cancer in women.

Addiction Causes Adverse Effects

In modern world there is more trend of consumption of alcohol and other drugs. Even smoking can be one of the reasons and it causes a bad impact on women’s health.

Addiction Causes Adverse Effects

Women who are in the habit of regular alcohol consumption in more quantity they can easily fall in the trap of breast cancer. Even some women eat more then required amount of fat in their diet which can also be a leading cause in producing breast cancer. Where there is more consumption there is more risk.

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Harmful Effects Of Radiation

The major cause of increasing chances of breast cancer in women is the harmful effects of Radiation. Radiation creates a very bad impact in a women’s body and builds a bridge to production of cancerous cells in the body. By performing CT scans they have a very high possibility of causing breast cancer. Even radiation therapies are harmful and are not much permitable for women due to the risk of breast cancer.

Height And Weight Imbalance

This can be an important cause in women that triggers breast cancer. If your weight is more then normal and it keeps on increasing then there are some hormonal changes taking place in your body and if some hormone is produced in more quantity then that can be a reason of getting breast cancer. Generally women have a regular height but if some women are quiet tall then average then they have more chances of falling prone to getting breast cancer.

Height And Weight Imbalance

All of the above causes of breast cancer throw light as to how and when breast cancer can take place in women and extend its treacherous roots in her body. Breast cancer is not an uncommon occurrence in women and it can be tackled if you are aware about it. The above causes of breast cancer can make you aware of the same so that you can know how breast cancer is caused in women. These points are really significant and need to be kept in mind by all women to know how breast cancer occurs in them.

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