Top 7 Causes Of Back Acne

Causes Of Back Acne

Acne is usually seen and witnessed on the face, so a lot of people are totally unaware about the same happening in the back. However, acne in the back is very common and it is usually seen in the same way like on the face. They are small eruptions on the back, which can be restricted to a certain area or spread throughout.

Back acne is followed with symptoms like constant itching, irritation and even pus like discharge or blood if it is scratched too vigorously. So, for dealing with back acne, it is vital to understand the causes of the same:-

Causes Of Back Acne

1. Dandruff

You may be surprised to know but back acne is usually caused due to dandruff. When flakes of dandruff fall on the face, one suffers from face acne, similarly flakes that fall on the back result in back acne. Furthermore, if you leave your hair loose then the acne tends to get worse as more dandruff falls on the region.


2. Overactive Glands

Acne in the back is also caused because of overactive glands that tend to create a blockage and don’t let the skin breathe. Usually this leads to blackheads, and then progresses to pimples or acne. These glands may also lead to production of excessive dead cells, which cause proliferation and hence lead to further growth of acne.

Overactive Glands

3. Hot Water

Taking a shower from very hot water is the major cause of back acne too. It has been seen that very hot water leads to scalding on the back and dryness. As a result, production of acne is inevitable. Hot water also washes out the protective layers of the ski and causes damage to the pores making them more vulnerable.

4. Sweat

Too much sweating is another common cause of back acne. What happens is the sweat glands here are overactive and this leads to acculturation of dirt and other similar particles that block the pore. As a result the skin is unable to breathe and this leads to growth of acne bacteria in the region.

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5. Wrong Clothing

You may have heard it hundreds of times that the right clothing makes a great difference for the skin. In humid zones, it is highly suggested to wear comfortable cotton clothing, which lets your skin breathe. The idea is to help absorb sweat and thus prevent acne, which is a byproduct of the same. Clothes that are not cotton based rub against the ski more vigorously and lead to acne due to friction.

6. Heridity

This is something that is not in your hands. Some ski types are more prone to acne due to heredity. This is a result of hormonal imbalances that are caused due to genetics. Hence, these skin types, which are more prone to dryness and rashes tend to suffer from acne more often on the back, as compared to others.

7. Other Factors

Apart from the above, environmental factors like overheating, humidity, etc. are major factors contributing to back acne. One may also suffer from acne due to medicinal changes, menopause or periods and other similar conditions. But these are temporary and last for  a few days.