Top 9 Make-Up Tips For Younger Looking Skin

Anti-aging is one of the most important and widely south-after skin concerns today. While of us rush to a nearby Dermatologist or try out a latest anti-aging treatment, the results are sparse and side-effects quite too many. However, the good news is that you can cut-down on your skin-age by applying a few tried and tested skin care routines and make-up tricks that ensure you a more youthful skin on the long run.

Below Are The Make-up Tips For Youthful Skin:

1. Primer

The first and foremost anti-aging tip when it comes to make-up is applying a good Primer. This step goes a long way in helping even-out your skin-texture before you apply your next round of make-up. A good primer is also recommended as it helps the make-up stay for a long time in case of Oily-skin.


2. Highlighter

Using Highlighter is not only trendy, but also makes your skin look tight and young. Be sure to invest in a good Highlighter and learn the right way to apply it, as you will be surprised with how young and dewy your skin starts to look after the final make-up look.


3. Facial Oil

Using a nice Facial-oil all over before you start your make-up routine is highly recommended once you start developing fine-lines. A nice massage also ensures a good flow of blood to your face, something that gives you a more ‘youthful-glow’. You can also replace the Facial oil with a moisturizer just before you apply your Primer.


4. Foundation

Check and double-check your foundation-tone by the window under natural sunlight. You will be surprised to know that your skin color changes as you age. Applying the wrong shade of foundation is the worst that you can do to make your skin look much older. Be sure to update your foundation both in terms of its color and its texture as well, as your skin does change a great deal as it ages.


5. Powder

Minimize the use of loose-powder as you age. This is mainly because loose powder tends to settle in-between the creases of your skin, that comes with age.If your skin is oily, confine the usage of powder only to your T-Zone.If suffering with Sun-spots, you will need to learn the difference between the skin that has sun-spots and the rest of the skin in-between. For this, using two different shades of Foundation is recommended along with a good blending-technique.


6. Eye Makeup

With age, try to tone-down your eye make-up, as loud eye-makeup only adds age to your skin and face. Go for more natural and neutral shades, that give you a more youthful-look around your eyes. This will also avoid from the under-eye bags and sags from being focused up-on.


7. Blush

Blush should be nice and very natural, more like a skin-flush. For this skip the powder-blush and go for a nice cream or gel formula that gives you a natural blend. This makes your skin look natural and youthful as well. Blend-in a hint of highlighter along with the blush, this gives your face a ‘lift’.


8. Eyebrow Pencil

Remember to fill-in your brows with a Pencil-shade that is lighter than your natural eyebrow hair color. Nice thick, fuller eyebrows are the ultimate trick to making your face look a lot younger than it actually is. However, for this, learn the right technique, where-in you need to just fill-in the gaps and not scribble all-over your brows.


9. Lips

As for your lips, once again, try avoiding darker shades and go for a more milder, natural colors instead. A pretty, pinkish-nude looking lips with just the right amount of gloss is the best to make your entire face looking younger.


Well, these were a few make-up tips and tricks that will help you look wonderful as you age. These steps are tried and tested by some of the top make-up artists of all time and hopefully would help you too.