Top 8 Skin Care Routine For Women When You Are At Your Forty’s

Everyone needs proper skin care routine. But when you are at your forty’s you need some special care and time for your skin because these are the years of pre-menopause. From this time the estrogen level inside your body starts to decline. These hormonal changes make your skin thin and your skin gradually loose elasticity. The result is sagging and wrinkles on skin. Wrinkles, crow’s feet, sagging, etc. are common skin problem of these ages. You cannot stop the natural aging process of skin totally. What you can do is to slow down the progress of the aging.

Here Are The Top 8 Skin Care Routine For Women At Forty’s:

1. Hydration

Hydration is part of the most important skin care routine at this age. One should drink at least 8-10 glasses of plain water daily. Adequate water supply to your body will keep your cells hydrated. Drink plenty of fruit and vegetables daily. The minerals, vitamins and water present in these substances serve to rejuvenate your skin. Apart from diet to hydrate your skin wash your sin daily with plain water twice or thrice daily. Spray rose water daily on your skin. Rose water also helps to tone your skin. Do not wipe your skin. Let your skin to absorb the water.

drink plenty of water

2. Cleansing

Daily intense cleansing is must for a ripe skin. However, say no to your soap for this purpose. You may use face pack if it is very mild. Apart from that, you can wash your face with a common substance without any tension and that is milk. Soak a cotton ball in chilled milk and rub your face and neck gently with it. It helps to removes dirt. You can mix a little amount of chickpea powder in the milk in the time of cleansing. Milk not only cleanses your face it also hydrates your skin supplies nutrients to keep it in a healthy mode.

Prefer Regular Cleansing

3. Exfoliation

Exfoliate your skin at least twice in a week. There are various types of scrubber in the market. Pick one according to your skin type. To be on safe side you can make your own scrubber by mixing rice powder or rice flakes with yogurt.


4. Masking

A weekly masking is required for your skin. Tomato, ripe papaya, cucumber etc. fruits and vegetables have antiaging property. Almond and ground nuts contain vitamin E which stimulate collagen production and improves the texture of the skin. Gather all these things and add them into a grinder. Apply a thick layer of this pack on your face and neck. Leave it till it gets dry. Then wash with plenty of plain water.

Mint Face Mask

5. Massaging

A regular massage of skin not only all your face and neck but also on your whole body is necessary. For massage purpose take any natural oil – olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, castor oil, vegetable oil, etc. You may mix three or four types of oil in a bowl for mixing purpose. Vitamin E capsules are available in the market. Take one, pinch and squeeze it in your body oil. Mix and massage it on your entire body. Massage your face and whole body every alternate day to make it soft, supple and wrinkle free.

Massage with Essential Oils

6. Moisturizing

After taking bath moisturize your skin. Mix glycerin and rose water into 1:10 ratio. Apply it on your skin to keep it glowing.

Sunscreen and moisturizer

7. Use of Sunscreen

Never fail to wear sunscreen lotion or cream before going out to sun. Use of sunglasses, hat and umbrella are must at this age.


8. Use of Night Cream

Buy a good brand night cream that suits your skin and massage it daily at bed time.

Night Cream

Follow these routine to remain youthful for a long time.