Top 6 Skin Cancer Treatments

Top 6 Skin Cancer Treatments Cancer is a word that sends a chill down the spine. Among the various forms of cancer, skin cancer has become the frequently occurring disease in the recent few years. You become affected with skin cancer when your skin becomes incapable of producing new and healthy skin cells anymore.  This results in accumulation of dead skin cells. However, good news is that skin cancer is not life-threatening and can be treated.

The treatment depends on the expanse and place of the carcinogen and also the type and stage of the disease. Some procedures for treating skin cancer are discussed here:

Treatment Options for Skin Cancer


This therapy is mostly used for treating basal or Squamous skin cancer. Squamous cell carcinoma results in the spread of cancerous cells to the lymph nodes. It is also used to treat cancer cells that remain untreated even after surgery. Further, this therapy is also effective in treating advanced stages of cancers or cancers that have recurred.

Top 6 Skin Cancer Treatments

The treatment is done in situations when cancerous growth covers a large and critical area that is difficult to operate. It is also done in cases when the suffering patient cannot go through a surgical procedure for some reason or the other.

In this treatment, high energy X-rays are used to destroy cancerous cells and shrink the tumors caused by cancer. The rays are emitted from a large machine and the procedure is carried out in a clinic or hospital.


Chemotherapy tablets or injections and sometimes creams or pills are used to cure cancer cells. Tablets and injections are usually used in chemotherapy in order to treat cancer cells that have already spread a lot.

Topical chemotherapy, in which creams or other applications are used, is often done when the cancer is too critical for surgery. The medicated cream or lotion is applied to the skin at least twice a day for many weeks together to get the results.


This is a very effective method in which the affected cells are completely removed before they can spread any further and affect other organs of the body.

Top 6 Skin Cancer Treatments

In many cases, lymph nodes that are affected by cancer are also removed. Finally, healthy skin is grafted on to the affected area. The cancerous skin is then cut out and destroyed with a laser.


In this treatment, chemicals like Interferon are used to stimulate the body’s natural immune system. These chemicals help in fighting the cancer affected cells. The chemicals used for this treatment are generally manufactured inside the body of humans with the help of medical technology.

However, they are produced in the laboratories too. A topical cream called Imiquimod is often used for basal and Squamous cell cancer. The therapy is usually used to treat advanced form of Squamous cell cancer, which affects the nose, mouth, neck and forehead area. The therapy is often used in combination with surgery or chemotherapy for getting best results.


Top 6 Skin Cancer Treatments

These are chemicals similar to Vitamin A, which are used to cure skin cancer. The most commonly used applicant is Tretinoin, which is available in the form of cream. It cures cancerous cells. But it is important to avoid sun after using this chemical treatment.

PDT (Photodynamic Therapy)

This therapy prevents cancer from coming back or spreading further. It is usually used as a popular alternative to surgery. The treatment is used to cure an area which is affected by numerous cancerous cells or a carcinogenic ulcer that is not very deep.

The treatment uses a laser light along with special chemicals to kill cancerous cells permanently. However, deep-rooted cancers cannot be cured with this treatment as light cannot penetrate much deep into the skin.

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