Top 5 Natural Dietary Tips To Get Rid Of Cracked Lips

Winter is approaching and you may become fearful of chapped lips. But not only in winter but chapped lips may occur in other seasons too. Unless you take prompt and special care your lips can get dry, scaly and may create sores. In extreme cases lips bleed, swells and accompanied with pain and sense of itching. Causes of chapped lips may be many – dehydration, lack of care, lack of moisturizer inside body, chill and dry weather, lack of nutrition, vitamin D deficiency and many more things. But whatever may be the cause, cracked lips should be healed early before it turns ugly. This article will give you a few dietary tips to get rid of chapped lips.

Here Are The 5 Natural Dietary Tips To Get Rid Of Cracked Lips:

1. Water, Fruit Juice And Vegetable Juice

The first and foremost thing to get rid of cracked lips is supplying adequate amount of fluid in your body. Plain water is the most excellent source of fluid. Apart from that, fresh homemade fruit juice or vegetable juice is good source of fluid. Do not use sugar in your homemade juice. Stay away from ready-made fruit or vegetable juice that is readily available in the market because most of them contain a high amount of sugar and sugar blots water from the body to get dissolved. Stay away from fizzy drinks too, because they also contain high amount of sugar.


2. Cream Milk

Drink at least one glass of cream milk daily. Cream milk not only hydrates your body supplying adequate water, they also moisturize your skin supplying adequate cream. To enhance its power, you may mix a few strands of saffron to it.


3. Boiled Egg

Eat at least one boiled egg daily at breakfast. The egg is a good source of vitamin B complex and vitamin D which is needed to improve the texture of the skin. Apart from that, egg also contains other skin beneficiary minerals like iron, calcium, phosphorus. In addition, it also contains a good amount of fat.


4. Olive Oil

Enhance the intake of oil if your skin is very dry and has the problem of cracked lips. For this purpose olive oil is a good thing. It contains low cholesterol and a fair amount of vitamin E which helps to solve the problem of cracked lips.

Olive Oil

5. Sour Yogurt

Add sour yogurt daily at your daily meal. Non sweetened yogurt is a good source of calcium, water and Vitamin C. All these things are needed in order to get rid of cracked lips.


Eat these foods along with regular application of lip balm and stay away from the cracked lips.