Top 5 Measures To Be Taken Before Sunbathing

There is no doubt that sunbathing is good for health. Sun is the only natural source of vitamin D which makes our bone strong. Actually vitamin D helps calcium to get absorbed in the body and calcium is one of the basic components of bones. Moreover, regular exposure to sunshine makes our skin healthy enhancing its melanin production. Lack of sunlight may lead you to different skin problems. Especially for this reason people of those countries where sunlight is very low and sky remains cloudy maximum time of the year, suffer from various skin diseases like acne, psoriasis, eczema, etc. Moreover, vitamin D deficiency may lead you to cardiovascular disease and different types of cancer. In addition to save your skin and bones from different problems, regular exposure to sunlight gives your skin some extra glow and shine. But, nowadays, to be precise for the last 30 or 40 years sunbathing has become harmful due to ultraviolet rays of the sun. Because of different pollution, ozone layer whose work is to block the ultraviolet rays, has got damaged. Naturally, ultraviolet rays enter our atmosphere fall on our skin with apparently beneficial sunlight and may cause various skin problems as dangerous as skin cancer. However, you cannot stop sunbathing totally. You need it to some extent for better purpose. It is better to do sunbathing taking various measures.

Here Are The Top 5 Measures To Be Taken Before Sunbathing:

1. Use Sun Screen Lotion

The most important thing before going to take a sun bath is to apply a good quality sunscreen lotion with spf15 on all exposed parts of the body. Sunscreen lotion will save you from ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Use Sun Screen Lotion

2. Wear Full Sleeved Cotton Cloth

It is better to wear to wear full sleeved cotton cloth in the time of a sun bath. Bikini wearing beach bath is becoming out of fashion and problematic nowadays. Cotton cloth is porous and allows sunlight and sun heat on your body filtering the damaging rays of the sun.

Wear Full Sleeved Cotton Cloth

3. Wear Hat And Sunglasses

Wear a hat and sunglasses whenever you are under the sun for tanning purpose. Skins of our face especially the skin around our eyes are very soft. Too much exposure to the sun without any protection may lead to untimely wrinkles.

Wear Hat and Sunglasses

4. Use Beach Umbrella

Use umbrella when you are out in the sun for the sun bath purpose. Place a big umbrella on the beach where you are getting sunbath. Umbrella here works as a reflector. It helps to reflect sunrays on the opposite direction and saves you from damaging sun rays.

Use Beach Umbrella

5.  Minimize The Time Of Sun Bath

Reduce the time of exposure to the sun. Do not take sun bath for a whole day. To get a healthy glow take half an hour sun bath daily. You will get the better result.

Minimize the Time of Sun Bath