Top 5 Herbs For Breast Pain

Breast Pain One of the most common concerns of women nowadays is experiencing pain in the breast. The medical term for this condition is known as mastalgia. It has been estimated that approximately 70 percent of women experience nostalgia at one time or the other.

Herbs that are used in the form of dietary supplements are recommended by doctors for women who have breasts pain. They are safer than medication as there are no side-effects. Let us take a look at the top 5 herbs that are used to provide relief from breast pain

Herbs For Breast Pain

Chaste Tree Berry Aka Vitex

Vitex is known by a number of names like Monk’s Pepper ands Chaste Tree Berry but it is most commonly known as vitex. It is a plant that bears small berries that are used to make herbal medicine after they have been dried. It is known to provide relief from a wide range of pre-menstrual symptoms including breast pain. It has been reported that a daily dose of 32mg of vitex reduces breast pain. It can be found both in liquid and capsule form. It is important to remember that this herb should not be taken during pregnancy or while undergoing other hormonal therapy treatments.


This is an herb that contains Omega 3 fatty acids which are beneficial for health. Apart from preventing cancer and lowering the cholesterol levels in the body, it is known to provide immense relief for breast pain as well as symptoms that are brought on by menopause.


Doctors recommend 2 tablespoons of flaxseed on a daily basis for about 3 months to gain relief from mastalgia. It can be taken either in the form of oil or sprinkling the ground seeds on food.

Evening Primrose Oil

The oil that is extracted from this flower is known to have many benefits. Apart from being an effective remedy for skin conditions such as eczema, it is also known to provide relief from gastrointestinal pain and breast pain. Doctors recommend 2g to 8g on a daily basis for adults who suffer from mastalgia. However, it should be noted that a physician should be consulted if a person takes anti-inflammatory medication or drugs that are used for blood-thinning to make sure that there are no adverse reactions from combining the two substances.

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Black Currant Seed Oil

This is another natural remedy that is highly recommended to provide relief from mastalgia. The oil can be drizzled on salads or dishes can cook with it.

Black Currant Seed Oil

It is highly effective in relieving breast pain that is caused by PMS. This herb can also be found as a dietary supplement in capsules that are mixed with other beneficial herbs to promote health.

Fenugreek Seeds

This is another herb that is well-known for its healing properties. The seeds can be ground and 1 tablespoon is added to 8oz of boiling water. Doctors recommend drinking 3 cups of this mixture on a daily basis for relief from breast pain.

By making use of these herbs, breast pain can be reduced substantially especially if used on a regular basis.

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