Top 5 Hairsprays You Must Try For Lasting Hairstyle

Top 5 Hairsprays You Must Try For Lasting Hairstyle

Hair are primarily as noticeable a feature as the face is. They can enhance your looks manifolds when styled correctly. But what makes a major difference to even a similar hairstyle that you and someone else might be carrying with equal grace is, for how long can the style sustain without getting messy. Also, the longer the hair stay set, the lesser is the time and effort you have to invest in redoing them. For this simple reason, all you need is a hairspray. It keeps your hairstyle intact for longer. However, if you’re worried that it might damage your hair texture and quality, which some products actually do, we have compiled in a list 5 such hairsprays that will improve your hair texture rather than spoiling it.

1. Enliven Pro V Hair Spray

This hairspray by Enliven is an existing legend for women with sensitive and damaged hair that are fragile, and easily break upon tangling. This is because, it is infused with hair repairing Amino Pro V B5. And Vitamin B5 amino molecules improve the keratin quality of the strands. It reduces hair breakage alongside holding the hairstyle for longer. It also hydrates dull and lifeless heat damaged hair.

2. Oriflame HairX Supreme Hold Styling Hairspray:

Having a tough time holding a specific hairstyle because your silky hair strands do not give you much freedom with that? If so, try your luck with this lasting hairspray by Oriflame that actually keeps the style intact, with messing, for over 8 hours. And the best is, this hairspray is built on a no-hair-harsh-chemicals formula, and is rather infused with keratin boosting molecules. Thus, it doesn’t dry out the hair strands, it rather keeps them moist while holding them together.

3. Toni And Guy Glamour Finishing Shine Spray

This hair spray is much beyond a hair boosting, hydrating and holding mist that prolongs the duration of your hairstyle without it getting messy. It is also loaded with harmless serum molecules that are light reflecting. Which is why, the hair look super glossy and shiny beyond imagination. The sheen is exceptionally natural. And despite having a serum formula, this hair spray doesn’t leave a sticky residue, and holds the style to perfection.

4. R+Co Outer Space Hairspray:

This deeply hydrating, conditioning and nourishing hairspray has an ever lasting holding capacity of over 15 hours. It binds to the hair strands and gather them together. This gives the hair a much bouncy look. It can hold your curls, buns, braids, flares and possibly every tricky hairstyle. Despite wearing it for hours, it doesn’t dry or tangle the hair upon washing. It can be taken off easily with plain water. It is non allergenic. Thus, it is a safer option for sensitive scalp too.

5. Garnier Fructis Style Sleek And Shine Anti-Humidity Hairspray:

Humid weather conditions are every woman’s ultimate nightmare, because humidity makes hair strands frizzy, and they get absolutely untamed to be tied down even in a simple ponytail. It is for this situation that this hairspray by Garnier comes in handy. It not just smoothens hair texture by deeply conditioning the untamed tresses, it also gathers them together in a hairstyle of your choice, and makes it last for about 1 long day.

And the best is, the above listed top 5 picks do not compromise on durability and quality, despite being pocket friendly. You must own one to believe in the goodness of these hair friendly products.