5 Top Fashionable Tops

5 Top  Fashionable Tops

Tops can be teamed up with jeans, shorts, skits and almost everything a woman wears. There is a diverse variety to choose from. Different types of tops keep buzzing the market. Many latest trends in tops have kept the market hot this season.

Some of the best tops to choose from belong to the fashionable class of embroided and beaded v neck tops. They look sizzling hot and can be easily worn by plump women as well. The plus size v neck tops perfectly complement the body of plump women.

Quick Guide to Fashionable Tops

Designer Tops

Designer tops always rule the charts of most trendy and fashionable women wear. This is for a reason that they offer variety and unique design. Beaded tops, collar tops and embroided tops are the three most popular types of designer tops. Designers are the best people who know and understand what’s hot and what’s not. Thus, designer tops are always the correct choice in hunting down the latest fashion.

Designer Tops

The embroided neck tops offer unique embroidery all around the neck area. The beaded tops make a use of unique stones and gems for the purpose of distinguishing the look from any other item. The collar tops are frilled and non-frilled both. The frilled tops are the fashion statement in parties and non-frilled tops are the best formal wears. Nonetheless, designer tops are the latest fashion mania due to their vibrant colors and un-matched designs.

Floral Shirts

Floral is never out of fashion. Since these are fresh and colorful items, they are always the apple of the eyes of young girls. These tops depict a unique combination of colors and patterns, both. The flower sleeve tops are the best floral tops. Their sleeves are knitted in a unique folded manner that gives them the look of a flower. Their round and frilled sleeve is their USP that makes them different from the others.

Floral Shirts

The sleeveless halter floral tops are the second to follow the flower sleeve tops in popularity. These halter tops are sexy summer wear items that look dazzling smoky on slim women. Floral also offers a range of loose long wavy tops that are perfect for plus size women. These tops in particular are not skin tight. They can make you look 2 times slimmer than you actually are. Thus, floral tops are the second most fashionable tops in demand this season.

Spaghetti Tops

Spaghetti tops are single or multi colored tops that can be used as inners for the formal deep neck shirts. They look trendy when combined with long sleeved deep neck formal shirts and hot when worn alone. They can be teamed up with short shirts to adhere a beach party look.

Spaghetti Tops

They can also be worn as party tops with bottoms like jeans and shorts. These are multi-functional tops that usually complement teenagers. They are number 3 in the list of top 5 fashionable tops this season. The single colored spaghetti tops look exquisite over colorful bottoms. The multi-colored and printed spaghetti tops look hot over subtle bottoms.

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Kurti Tops

Kurti tops are very much in demand this season. They look casual and trendy, both at the same time. They serve the purpose of formal and informal tops, both. They complement the beach party look as well. Not many tops can serve all these purposes well. To the credit of the designers of Kurti tops, they complement plus size women as well. The short kurtis can be worn over jeans and long kurtis can be worn over long skirts.

Kurti Tops

The comfort that they offer is un-matched. These are classy fashionable items. The latest fashion variation added to them is beaded embroidery. The short Kurti tops are offering designer neck pattern that is covered by beaded embroidery. The variation of dark colors is completing dusky women manifolds. Thus, these tops offer specific items to all the women. Therefore, they hold onto the 4th most fashionable and popular women wear this season.

Tank Tops

Tank tops are internationally popular tops. Gradually these tops have entered the Indian market of fashionable tops as well. Plain tank tops, knitted tank tops, fancy tank tops and designer tank tops are the 4 most in-demand tank tops this season. The knitted tank tops are used as casual wears and you can find many women flaunting their figure and beauty down the street in these tops.

Tank TopsHowever, the plain tank tops and designer tank tops are sophisticated tank tops that complement official gatherings and high class parties. The fancy tank tops are the girlish items in this range of exquisite uppers. They come in different styles and patterns. The variation offered by these tops rightly earns them the slot of 5th most fashionable uppers.

All the above-listed tops have set a new trend and fashion that women follow and look upto.