Top 5 Easy Tips To Remove Eye Bags Naturally

Under eye bag is one of the most common problems as you grow old. The first and foremost cause of this problem is weak muscle and tissue. As you grow old the muscles and tissues that support your eyelids, weaken. The skin may lose its natural elasticity and starts to sag. This may cause eye bags. Other causes are water retention inside body, eating too much salty food, dehydration, high blood pressure, high alcoholism, obesity, heredity, kidney problem, allergy, etc. whatever may be the cause, eye bags should be removed early before it hampers your facial expression. This article will give you a few easy tips to get rid of eye bags naturally.

Below Are The Top 5 Easy Tips To Remove Eye Bags Naturally:

1. Chilled Water

Take some chilled water. Take a big cotton ball. Soak it in the chilled water. Now press it on the eye bags. Repeat the process. Give your eyes cold water treatment for at least 10 minutes. Practice this method at least twice daily. It will help you get rid of eye bags soon.


2. Chilled Tea Bag

Chilled tea bag is excellent to do away with eye bags. Soak tea bag in boiled water to make it soft. Then keep it in the freezer to make it chill. Press that tea bag on your eyes and keep it for a minute. Repeat the process 10 -15 times. It will give your eyes a refreshing feeling. The tea has antioxidant property which helps to prevent wrinkle and sagging. Practice this method twice or thrice daily and soon get rid of eye bags.


3. Cucumber Slices

Chilled cucumber slices are very effective to do away with eye bags. Slice cucumber very finely and preserve them in the refrigerator to make them chill. After washing your face, just before going to the bed, apply chilled cucumber slices on eye bags. Cucumber juice helps to tone your skin and maintain its elasticity. Cucumber also helps to soothe and refresh your skin. Apply cucumber daily and soon get rid of puffy eyes.


4. Potato

Potato has anti-inflammatory property which helps to reduce swelling. Grind some potato and apply that on your eye bags at a regular basis. It helps a lot to solve the problem of eye bags.


5. Almond Oil

Massage a few drops of almond oil at bedtime. Almond oil contains vitamin E which prevents sagging and solves the problem of eye bag.


Follow these tips, and reduce salt intake in your food to get rid of eye bag soon.