Top 5 Designer Engagement Rings

Designer Engagement Rings

Engagements are an important Celtic Or Irish Style Designer Engagement Rings. Choosing the engagement rings plays a vital part in every wedding as it is a sign of getting married soon. Couples take their time and splurge money to find their wedding rings as they resemble the love and affection to each other.

Every woman craves to find designer engagement rings as they are delicately fashioned and also intricately styled to suit her delicate and slender fingers. The designers take extra care to design beautiful rings of gold, platinum and silver so that they can fulfill the requirements of every couple. Read this article to find some exciting designs of the engagement rings.

Different Types Of Engagement Rings

Three Stone Designer Engagement Rings

Three Stone Designer Engagement Rings

These rings in a row are featured in open cut design, which symbolizes the future, present and past phase of the couple’s lives. Usually the middle stone is slightly bigger than the rest two on the sides to signify the present life of the couple. They can choose an expensive stone, such as a diamond, sapphire or an ordinary stone based on their spending ability.

Designer Engagement Rings With Pink Sapphire Or Rubies

These are affordable options for couple with a tight budget wedding plan. To satiate the impression created by diamonds, one can choose pink sapphires or rubies in its place. This designer ring offers excellent style and flare and is the right choice for trendy couple, who like to experiment.

White Gold Designer Engagement Rings

White Gold Engagement Rings

With the growing popularity of white gold on the upsurge, designers find interesting patterns and design, which offer an attractive look to this white metal. Modern couples prefer white gold to platinum as they are much cheaper. One can find exclusive collection of white gold designer engagement rings with diamond solitaire stones, pink diamonds, sapphires of blue and pink, rubies and emeralds.

Designer Engagement Rings In Diamond

Diamond Engagement Rings

Though diamonds are every woman’s best friend, they are not pocket friendly. Couples with a lavish wedding plan can opt for a diamond ring for their engagement. There are various cuts for diamond rings, which are crafted by the designers in such a way that each is unique in its own. The brilliant cut diamond ring is a popular option as it gives attention to the stone as well as its cut.

Princess cut diamond ring features a square shaped setting and is usually set in prong, bezel and bar setting to offer an interesting look. Emerald cut design features a rectangle shape that offers an elegant look to the diamond, while the heart cut diamond rings flaunts a lovely look, which describes the romance. Marquise cut diamonds are also popular as they have a vertical stone setting.

Celtic Or Irish Style Designer Engagement Rings

Celtic Or Irish Style Engagement Rings

This design features lots of spirals, twists, knots, scrolls and chevrons that symbolize two souls are interlinked with each other and also show the never ending love of the couples. These are popular ones now as they are usually crafted on gold metal, which is the least expensive ones when compared to other metals.

Top 5 Designer Engagement Rings