Top 5 Brands For Skin Care

Top 5 Brands For Skin CareWhen it comes to Skin care everyone weather men,  women, young old every one have to be extra cautious . All products doesn’t suit to every one. The Market of Skin care products is touching skies.
All types of products for all skin type with all range is available in the market.For a good and healthy glowing skin you should always choose best products and best brands.

Today we will talk  top 5 brands which are internationally certified and performs best in terms of dermatological  aspects. Top 5 skin care brands for the Asian/American /European  women is proven to be :

Best Skin Care Brands

Lotus herbals
Clean and clear

These are good quality products demagogically tested on Asian skin. These brands are available for every age and each skin type. These brands also have its sub brands for better classification of products. All these brands have good reviews from multiple locations. Let us have a close look on the products available on these brands.


Vichy is the European company .Vichy has come up with some of the products for Indian women and each and every product is demagogically tested. Vichy has various types like Cleansers, Moisturizers, Eye Care, Lip Care, Toner/ Makeup Remover/Scrubs which are categorized .

Top 5 Brands For Skin Care

They test your skin type and provide you products accordingly. The Vichy has various brands in it, they are:

Bi-White Reveal

In these products is not reducing the dark spots or uneven skin .These products is best in reducing the melanin of the skin and hence great clean even skin.

There are various products like Essence or serum or fluids are available. The products range is from approximately INR 500 to 2000.These products has miracle effects within 3 days of usage.

Lift Activ

The products of these brands are to make you look younger. They also have visible effect and proven to be great effective in reducing wrinkles from the face.


The normaderm is classification for the cleansers. Vichy has the best cleansers . The cleansers are specially made with gentle products to clean the dirt from the skin gently. You can see visible effect in your skin texture even with one use. They are available in the form of gel, night creams , purifying astringents.


This is categorized for the products which are essentials for all skin type. They have cleansers in them.

Purete Thermale

These are the category of the product which is used in detoxifying or hydrating agents. These products make you feel fresh at any point of time. Vichy has been proved to be very useful in problems like   Oily, Acne Prone Skin, Dry Skin, Brown Spots / Darkened Complexion, Dull, Non Radiant Skin, Skin Aging, Sun Care, Sensitive Skin. You can also order Vichy products online from their site.

Lotus Herbals

Lotus herbals have been proven to be a revolution in the range of herbal products in the international market. It is an herbal brand so it is free from any chemicals that can damage your skin.

Top 5 Brands For Skin Care

This is brand has provides us huge range of products for skin, body, hair, make-up. Lotus herbals provides products like

White Glow

This range includes  Whitening & Brightening Masque which is totally herbal made up of Yogurt enzymes and Bearberry extract. It is helpful in improving skin texture and makes the skin firmer ultimately a beautiful skin.   Gel Creme SPF-25 which is made up of Grape, Mulberry, Saxifraga extracts and Milk enzymes that are known fairness agents.

It also contains sunscreens to protect the skin from harmful UVA&UVB rays that can darken the skin,  Cleansing Skin Whitening Facial Foam.  And many more white glow products. These Products are all herbals and are gentle on skin.

Skin Polisher

The product range also has whitening Skin Polisher this also has wide range of products made up of herbals extracts like ORANGE PEEL & ALPINE SALT™.
Lotus herbals has wide range of sun protecting lotion, toners, cleansers, moisturizers, protectors, nourishes, correctors, enhancers, exfoliates, skin care gels, lip care are available.


L’Oreal is again a very leading brand in terms of skin care. L’Oreal has come up with huge range of sub-brand or products and all are internationally famous and suitable to all skin types.

They have their special products for women as well men. For Women they have different varieties with different purpose and usage for e.g. to make you young they have brands like Youth code, Revital lift, Age Perfect with a verity of products suiting women across the globe.

Top 5 Brands For Skin Care

For oily skin the brands are Go 360 clean, hydra-renewal, Ideal Skin genesis for other skin they have their range for sublime bronze, Collagen Filler or active daily Moisture. For Men they have brands like Revitalift, Sublime Bronze, sublime Glow, and Sublime Sun, Youth code.

These brands provide a huge range of products and with different utility factors. There is a huge list of products suiting you at each and every age and climate. These products are best in the industry and suitable to pocket as well.

They have huge variety of sun screens, wrinkle lifting creams and many more. They are also best in their make-up products, all are hygienic and best suiting to your skin. They have products for Hair; they have products for men, wide range of hair color all for you.


Top 5 Brands For Skin Care

Skin care Products of Olay are designed in such a way that it rectifies all damage of your skin. The product range of the Olay can be classified into three categories


It involves products to make you younger. It is useful for fine lines appearing on skin. It helps skin to fight for 7 signs of aging.

Health And Your Skin

It involves products to protect skin from ultra-violet rays of the sun, Protection or skin care during pregnancy, Menopause or at the time of stress.

Skin Care Science

In this they have taken the help of the science to improve products and provide a youthful glow. There innovation sin skin products in market is tremendous achievement in the fields of Skin acre products. Their main products are Olay Natural White, Olay white Radiance, Olay regeneratist, Olay total effects.

Clean And Clear

Top 5 Brands For Skin Care

Clean and clear is a blessing for the people with oily skin or sensitive skin which are prone to acne and blackheads. They have the most affordable range of products. They provide a variety of cleaners, toners. Moisturizer.

They have their huge range for Acne treatment products. The products are suitable for the younger skin as well. They have facial cleaners with a huge range includes Deep Action Cream Cleanser, Deep Action Cleansing Mask, Daily Pore Cleanser.

Their Astringents and toners offers products like Sensitive Skin Deep Cleansing Astringent, Clarifying Toner.They have special moisturizers for sensitive skin like Dual action moisturizer. Clean and Clear is the favorite brands for the teenagers as it is made especially for the younger skin.