Top 5 Anti Aging Facial Products To Be Prepared In Home

Top 5 Anti Aging Facial Products To Be Prepared In Home The modern world is full of busyness and hectic life style. People often don’t get time to take care of their skin every now and then. In such critical conditions, it becomes far tough to adjust with the appointments of beauty parlor and girls too don’t like to waste their important time by going to beauty parlors. Then, what can be an easier but fantastic idea to avoid aging, the biggest enemy of the skin?

Dermatologists state that aging is a process of cell degeneration that takes place generally after the age of 35 or 40 but the modern life style can catch the symptoms of aging even after the age of 20 because people feel stress and tension of work, business and finance etc.

Their mental stress reflects on their skin eventually. Thus, there is a need of getting some easy to prepare face masks in home only-

Homemade Anti Aging Facial Products

Anti Wrinkle Face Mask

Occurrence of wrinkles and fine lines is the first symptom of aging on face. It can impart a non glamorous look to your personality. Definitely, you won’t like those beauty enemies to spoil the attraction of your fashionable dress and make up.

Top 5 Anti Aging Facial Products To Be Prepared In Home

Take the white part of 4 eggs, few drops of almond oil, 2 pinch of alum powder and 25 ml of rose water. Blend the white part of egg well in a big bowl and add rose water in it, then mix well.

Boil this preparation for 30 seconds in heat and add the alum powder and almond oil in this paste. Store the face mask in a bottle and apply on face twice a week for wrinkle free skin. You will yourself be surprised to see the change on your face within two weeks.

Skin Tightening Face Mask

The second big problem that occurs in your face with the process of aging is skin loosening. The best face mask for your skin resides on the good scrub property of common salt. Take salt and lukewarm water.

Add sufficient water in salt to convert it into a paste and scrub your face with this salty face mask. It is a good kind of massager for your skin that blocks open pores and offer freshness to your face.

Anti Wrinkle Cream

If you want to prepare a good quality anti aging cream in your home only, that too within five minutes, this exclusive method of preparing anti wrinkle cream is just for you. Take 50 gm honey, 50 gram white lily flowers, 50 gram onion juice and 25 gram white wax.

Top 5 Anti Aging Facial Products To Be Prepared In Home

Keep all these ingredients together in a container and heat in the low flame. Heat the material until the wax turns into liquid and then remove the container from flame.  Let it cool down and apply on face and neck as an anti wrinkle cream.

Homemade Moisturizer

With the increasing age, the skin of your face becomes dull and loose due to dehydration, so you should drink lot of water daily. Apart from this you can utilize this homemade moisturizer to nourish your skin. Take 100 ml distilled water and put 10 ml rose water in it.

Add some fresh rose petals, basal leaves, mint leaves and a tea spoon of turmeric powder in this solution. Boil the solution in medium flame for 5 minutes. Then remove the solution from heat and cool it down. Pour the solution in a bottle and store it in fridge.

Apply the solution on your face daily after washing your face and before sleeping in night. You will feel fresh and younger every time when you use this solution. It is also helpful to lessen down the effects of tanning in the skin.

Anti Aging Night Cream

You might have been using one or another kind of night cream regularly. If you are interested to reduce fine lines from your neck and face, you should take two table spoons lanolin, 2 table spoons cocoa powder and three table spoons almond oil. Mix all the material together in a bowl.

Top 5 Anti Aging Facial Products To Be Prepared In Home

Heat some water in another container and keep the bowl on it to make the paste of materials. Stir the material with a wooden spoon regularly. After the material turns into a paste, remove the bowl from hot water and allow it to cool, and then add three table spoons rose water.

Now store the cream in glass bottle, avoid using metal spoon to stir or store the cream as it can cause adverse chemical reaction. Apply the cream on face daily before sleeping. this will help you to reduce fine lines from your face and offer a smooth, glowing complexion.