Top 3 Natural Hair Color

Hair Color

From teenagers to old people, coloring hair is very common now days. For youth, it is fun as they want to be a part of stylish icons but for them who are 35+, it is a need to hide grey hair. What so ever the reason, artificial hair colors can damage your hair for lifetime with rough and dry split ends that can lead to sudden hair fall. So, it is better to go for natural colors which not only satisfy the hunger of becoming stylish but also abstain you from chemicals and gives you a natural look without any side-effects. You can apply these natural colors according to your basic hair color that matches best to your look.

Top 3 Natural Hair Color:

For Black Shade

If black is a natural color of your hair then using paste of gooseberry(amla) and brahmi will give you natural black color after applying twice in a week. All you need to do is to soak this mixture (according to your hair length) into an iron vessel (bowl) and leave for overnight.

For Black Shade

At the next morning, boil it and let it be cool down , refine it and instead of using shampoo ,wash your hair with that black water. Rinse your hair with natural water and see the difference. It would be recommended to wear gloves while hair wash otherwise your nails will get the dark black color or you can rub lemon peel to clean your hands.

For Light Brown/ Dark Brown Shade

For Light Brown

These shades are more popular in youths specially for those who wants to try different colors frequently. For getting dark brown shade, take 2 table spoons coffee and mix 1 table spoon heena (mehndi), boil that mixture until you get brown shade. After cooling down, rinse your hair with this water. Apply thrice in a week after doing shampoo. To get light brown shade use tea leaves instead of coffee and follow the same process.

For Burgundy Shade

For Burgundy Shade

Now days highlighting hair strands is in the fashion and this color is preferred by everyone else you can color your hair from root to tip. The method to achieve this look is quite simple and you just need to get the mixture of beetroot and hibiscus flower. Mix sufficient amount of water to make the mixture and apply on your hair gently, wash your hair after one hour. This color works best who has natural brown color hair rather than black.Remember, these are natural resources so continuous use is recommended for best result.