Top 15 Japanese Beauty Secrets

Japan is famous for its culture, yummy food, and sushi. You will notice that Japanese women are quite beautiful having a perfect complexion. Their skin looks porcelain white and fair. Very few people know that these women use ancient beauty tricks that they use secretly without letting anybody know about it. They rarely suffer from skin problems. Girls and women of all ages take a lot of care of their skin and beauty. A fifty-year old Japanese woman looks younger like a thirty year old. Her skin is young, blemish free and shining. We would all benefit from knowing the secret tricks used by women in Japan for our own benefit. We will give some tips for this.

Following Are The Top 15 Japanese Beauty Secrets:

1. Using Green Tea

Women in Japan have realized the importance of green tea for skin care. They drink this tea for preventing skin damage due to sunlight exposure. Women apply green tea on skin for fighting the problem of acne.[1]

Green Tea (2)

2. Taking Skin Friendly Diet

A healthy diet with skin friendly nutrients is the secret to the astonishing beauty of the Japanese women. These women avoid fast food as it leads to skin problems. Instead of that, they take natural food rich in nutrients that make the skin healthy internally. For this, they eat broccoli, mushrooms, fish and Brussels sprouts. These foods contain antioxidants and omega 3 fats, which improve skin health.[2]


3. Minimum Use Of Makeup

The Japanese women believe in a natural look. For this, they use very less makeup. They are very choosy about selecting the right skin products taking care not to overdo it. Women use beauty products only for enhancing the beauty instead of using them daily. The minimum use of makeup products prevents the problem of pore clogging. This leads to a healthy and beautiful skin.[3]

Minimum Use Of Makeup

4. Using Face Masks

Face masks are used in Japan for cleansing and moisturizing the skin. Women use the Shiro Nuka mask for toning the skin. They use it one or two times in seven days.[4] The use of this mask reduces blemishes in the skin. Another useful mask is the Matcha mask that is rich in antioxidants. Women like to use the Yomogi mask for tightening skin pores.

Face Masks

5. Using Blotting Papers

The Japanese women use blotting papers on the face. They carry the papers in their handbags or purse and use it for blotting the extra sweat, oil and makeup from the face at regular intervals throughout the day.[5] The blotting paper does not disturb the makeup so it is very useful.

Using Blotting Papers

6. Using Camellia Oil

Oil is used to cleanse and moisturize the skin in Japan. Camellia oil is a very popular skin care product used by Japanese women. It is natural oil that is used for removing makeup.[6] The oil has anti-aging properties and it helps in preventing skin problems caused by aging. Women use the oil for cleansing the skin. Camellia oil helps in moisturizing the hair. The oil is also applied to wet hair.

Using Camellia Oil

7. Using Sheet Masks

A sheet mask is a popular beauty product used by the Japanese women. This mask has moisturizing properties as it contains a very beneficial skin ingredient called hyaluronic acid. The mask helps in hydrating the skin. It is an oil-free mask that is used for to whiten the skin and making it bright.[7]

Using Sheet Masks

8. Using Rice Water

In Japan, women cook the rice with water and let it boil for some time. They use this rice water for washing the face. [8] This beauty trick helps in improving skin elasticity and making it fair. It improves the complexion making it bright. The skin becomes very smooth due to rice water.

Using Rice Water

9. Daily Cleansing At Night

Women in Japan have a habit of cleansing the skin before sleeping at night. They do this daily without fail. For this, the face is cleaned with a good quality cleanser. Due to this, the skin looks very fresh and dirt free.[9]

Daily Cleansing At Night

10. Face Massage

Face massage is the secret to a beautiful face of the Japanese women. They apply a skin care product like a cream and do gentle face massage. Do the massage with your fingers in a circular direction giving upwards stroke. It helps in making the skin young while improving blood circulation. Massage helps in toning the face muscles while preventing wrinkles.[10]

Face Massage

11. Using Indigo Cream And Soap

Creams that contain Indigo are used in Japan to fight various types of skin problems. Indigo is a blue colored dye that helps in reducing redness, irritation, inflammation, rashes and hives in the skin. It can give relief in psoriasis also. Indigo creams are applied on hands and body. The cream is absorbed quite well in the skin. The use of indigo soap helps in fighting dermatitis.[11]

Using Moisturizer

12. Exfoliating With Adzuki Beans

Adzuki beans are known as a skin care food in Japan due to its high content of antioxidants. Women eat these beans for getting healthy skin. They also use it for exfoliating the skin.[12] For this, the Adzuki beans are crushed coarsely. After that, wash the face with it. Use it as a face scrub. Scrub the face with it very gently and wash the face with water.

Exfoliating With Adzuki Beans

13. Using Seaweed

Seaweed is used for skin care by Japanese women. They use it for cleansing the skin. Apply seaweed on skin and scrub gently to clean the skin. Women also use seaweed as a toner. Seaweed helps in making the skin shiny. It is a natural product that helps in tightening the skin pores.[13] Dry seaweed powder is also used for hair. It is used like a shampoo for cleansing the hair in place of the store bought shampoos.

Using Seaweed

14. Special Bathing

The Japanese women do the bathing with special products and herbal ingredients with skin care benefits. The green tea bath helps in moisturizing the skin and tightening the pores. The Yuzu herbal bath helps in rejuvenating the skin. Yuzu contains essential oils that make the skin soft and moisturized.[14] Taking a bath with Yomogi leaves water treats spots and blemishes.

Special Bathing

15. Using Wooden Combs

Women is Japan don’t use the usual combs for hair like the rest of us. They prefer to use wooden combs that have small sized pores in it. This is the secret of the shiny and healthy hair of women.[15] The comb is handmade and it helps in making the hair soft and moisturized.

Using Wooden Combs