Top 12 Special Beauty Tips For Winter

Winter is the most beautiful season of the year and is preferred mostly by families for their family vacations and holidays. In fact, people loves and enjoy the coldness offered by this awesome season. Winter is an enjoyable season in which days are shorter and nights are longer and people loves to remain in bed only by having a sip of hot tea there only. Apart from all these things, it is also the season which requires best caring so as to remain healthy and away from any type of health related complication. It is also observed that in winter season, the freezing wind turns both skin and hair dry thereby causing itchiness to the scalp of females.

Here Are 12 Special And Effective Beauty Tips For Winter Season:

Skin Care Tips For Winter Season

In winter, following skin care tips will keep your skin healthy:

1. Use Oil Based Moisturizer

In winter, it is always advisable to use only oil based moisturizer to your skin tone instead of applying water based moisturizer. Use of oil based moisturizer delivers perfect hydration to the sensitive skin and oil protects skin against dryness factor completely.

oil based moisturizer

2. Apply Body Lotions

In winter season when skin becomes dry fast, it is advisable to apply body lotions to sensitive skin after the process of applying moisturizer to your skin.  You must give preference to body lotion products containing mineral oil, tea tree oil, almond oil, avocado oil, glycerin and primrose oil as such oils works well in reducing the dryness factor completely from the body.

body lotion

3. Drink Plenty Of Water

If you want to keep your skin healthy in winter season then it is recommended to keep your skin hydrated all the time by drinking plenty of water. Water constituent in your body will also keep your skin free from wrinkles and other skin problems.

drink plenty of water


4. Always Apply Sunscreen

During winter season, it is always recommended by beauty experts to apply sunscreen to the skin tone before moving anywhere outside from your home because direct winter sunrays can also cause damage to your skin.

Always Apply Sunscreen

5. Bath With Lukewarm Water

In winter, bathing with a hot water offers great satisfaction to the body but bathing with too much hot water can also reduce moisture in your body. It is therefore advised to take bath only with lukewarm water so as to reduce loss of moisture in your body.

Bath With Lukewarm Water


Makeup Tips For Winter Season

In winter, if you want to maintain your glamour and enhance level of your beauty then, you must follow following makeup tips:

6. Use Creamy Liquid Foundation

In cold winter season, you must apply suitable lotions to your face followed by applying only creamy liquid foundation matching perfectly to the color of your skin. After applying foundation, don’t forget to apply small amount of powder to your face so as to make your face smooth and flawless.

Use creamy liquid foundation

7. Choose Warmer Eye Shadow Shade

For the makeup of your eyes you must select only a warmer eye shadow shade such as brown shade or grey shade so as to make your eyes attractive. You must apply black mascara to your eyelids for giving a striking look to your eyes.

Choose warmer eye shadow shade

8. Use Blusher To Your Face

For making your facial skin glamorous, you must use a blusher as it can retain the lost luster of your face and add utmost shine to it. For more smooth and moist look, don’t forget to apply a colorless lip gloss to your lips too after applying blusher to your face.

Use blusher to your face

Hair Care Tips For Winter Season

In winter, like face, your hairs too require special attention and care for managing frizzy hair. Here are some effective hair care tips for winter:

9. Use Shampoo

Washing your hair with a branded shampoo is always recommended in winter season for removing dandruff and dryness factor from hair. You must apply shampoo to your hair followed by washing it off with lukewarm water make your hair free from frizzy look.

use shampoo

10. Apply Hair Cream

After shampooing your hair, it is better to apply a hair serum or a branded hair cream to your  hair as it will bring shine to your hair and will safeguard your hair against dry winter winds too

Apply Hair Cream

11. Eat Fresh Salads

For a healthy hair, it is recommended to consume fresh salads in excess along with drinking too much water. Consumption of fresh salads will promote hair growth thereby fulfilling nourishment requirement of your scalp.

Eat fresh salads

12. Massage Scalp With Olive Oil

Massaging your scalp with warm olive oil is an effective way of keeping your hair healthy and shining. It will also make your hair strong from roots.

Massage scalp with olive oil