Top 11 Natural Cures For Chlamydia

Natural Cures For Chlamydia

Chlamydia is a common STD caused by a bacteria by the same name i.e. Chlamydia trachomatis. Chlamydia infection is left unnoticed in many instances because of its mild symptoms that too may take up to 3 weeks of sexual contact to appear. The best cure of chlamydia is through natural remedies that include herbs, dietary regulations, home remedies, etc. Here are some of the best natural cures for chlamydia.

Natural Ways To Cure Chlamydia

1. Garlic

Easily available at every home, garlic has been proved by several studies as a perfect natural remedy for various diseases including chlamydia. It is well known for the antibiotic, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties of its active component allicin. You can chew a garlic clove to alleviate symptoms of chlamydia. You can also apply crushed garlic topically on the affected part i.e. the area around reproductive organs. If the smell detests you, you can opt for garlic capsules that are easily available in the market. Make sure that garlic extract does not reach open sores during topical application for it may cause burning sensation.

2. Echinacea

Echinacea is helpful against various bacterial, fungal and viral infections. Hence, it is regarded as a good remedy for chlamydia. Besides, echinacea boosts the immune system thereby preventing future infections. It is easily available in the form of capsules and tinctures over the counter. Recommended dosage of echinacea for treatment of chlamydia is 200 to 500mg or 30 drops of tincture to be taken at least thrice every day.

3. Tea Tree Oil

It has strong antibacterial properties that inhibit the growth of chlamydia bacteria. Put a few drops of tea tree oil in warm water. Wash the affected genitals with this mixture gently. This would relieve the burning and itching sensation caused by chlamydia. Repeat this process twice daily for best results.

4. Sage

This particular herb is well known for treating genital infections. To cure chlamydia, crush fresh sage and boil them with water. You have to drink this concoction at least twice every day to inhibit the growth of  Chlamydia trachomatis bacteria in your body thereby preventing further spread of the infection.

5. Turmeric

A well known home remedy for bacterial infections, turmeric is blessed with anti-inflammatory properties that not only relieves burning, itching and painful sensation from the affected part but also prevents further growth of bacteria. It also has amazing antioxidant properties that prevent free radicals from damaging healthy cells of the body. Recommended dosage of turmeric for chlamydia treatment is 500mg.

6. Cat’s Claw

This particular herb has strong antifungal as well as antibacterial properties because of which it fits into the list of natural cures for chlamydia.  Cat’s claw also boosts the immune system. However, pregnant women and people taking anticoagulant drugs should avoid using this herb.

7. Saw Palmetto

This particular herb has strong antiseptic properties that fight against the bacteria causing chlamydia. It is especially effective against urinary tract infections and so relieves chlamydia symptoms like burning, itching and pain during urination and in the genitals. Saw palmetto is best suited for treatment of chlamydia in men. It is also rich in phytoestrols and fatty acids that help in treating chlamydia infection.

8. Astralagus

Native to China, this particular herb boosts immune system thereby preventing bacterial infections. It also increases white blood cell count. Astralagus is rich in amino acids, flavonoids and trace minerals – all of which help in strengthening the immune system so that it fights bacterial infections.

9. Goldenseal

This herb has strong antimicrobial as well as anti-inflammatory properties that boost the immune system thereby preventing bacterial infections. Goldenseal owes these properties to its active component berberine. Berberine relieves various symptoms of chlamydia and fortifies the immune response.

10. Vitamins

In addition to the above remedies, vitamins play a great role in alleviating symptoms of chlamydia. Vitamins also fortify your immune system so that bacterial infections do not occur in the future. One of the crucial vitamins is vitamin C that has amazing antioxidant properties that protect vital enzymes in the body.

It helps in reducing stomach irritation and maintaining white blood cell count. B vitamins, on the other hand, repair as well as maintain nerve structures and help coenzymes in converting cellular energy. Therefore, people suffering from chlamydia should supplement their diet with these vitamins. Vitamin C and B vitamin supplements are easily available over the counter. Some good food sources of vitamin C are guava, capsicum, oranges, and those for B vitamins are green leafy vegetables, milk, chicken, etc.

11. Diet

Although diet would not relieve symptoms of chlamydia, well balanced diet hastens the recovery process. One should include foods rich in fiber such as seeds, whole grains, nuts and beans. Leafy greens such as wheat grass, barley and alfalfa also bring the goodness. Fish and probiotics should also be included in the diet. One should restric consumption of alcohol, red meat, processed food, caffeine, etc.