Top 10 Yoga Poses For Thighs You Should Try


Top 10 Yoga Poses For Thighs You Should Try

It is a well known fact that yoga postures come with a host of benefits. Over the last few years, the popularity of yoga poses has been on a rise, all thanks to the fact that they can not only strengthen your body parts but also improve the overall flexibility of your muscles. There are numerous yoga poses that can strengthen your legs, arms, thighs, etc. The one that we will be letting you know about are the yoga poses that are particularly effective for strengthening and toning your thigh muscles. A majority of people nowadays have weak and inflexible thighs. That is because most people spend long hours sitting in front of the computer. However, incorporating the below stated yoga postures in your daily lifestyle can undo the damage that long hours of sitting causes to your thigh muscles. Continue reading today’s post to learn more about these postures that can improve the state of your thighs.

Here Are The Top 10 Yoga Poses For Thighs You Should Try:

1. Warrior Pose

As a beginner, you might find that staying in this pose for more than 30 seconds can be quite challenging. However, trying this posture on a everyday basis will help you improve. Within days you will be able to stay in the amazing warrior pose for more than 60 seconds.

Warrior Pose

2. Eagle Pose

Eagle pose is another super effective yoga pose that can do wonders on the state of your thighs. This specific yoga posture is popular as an endurance-improving pose. Apart from strengthening your thigh muscles, this remarkably effective yoga pose will also help improve the balancing ability of your thighs. Incorporate this age-old yoga pose in your everyday routine to reap great benefits.

Eagle Pose

3. Chair Pose

This yoga pose is named so because of the shape that your body takes when you get in this specific pose. However, chair pose is a standing posture that can effectively strengthen your thigh muscles. You can easily execute this yoga pose at any time during the day to help your thigh area become strong and toned.

Chair Pose

4. Garland Pose

In order to improve the overall strength and balance of your thigh muscles, you should seriously consider making garland pose an essential part of your everyday routine. Even a beginner can easily get in this pose, however, staying in that pose for more than 20 seconds can prove to be difficult. It is best to start.

Garland Pose

5. Bridge Pose

Getting in a bridge pose may seem like an easy thing to do, however, staying in this pose for more than 25-30 seconds can be quite a difficult thing to do for a beginner. But, if you wish to help your thigh area become strong, flexible and improve its range of motion then you should consider doing bridge pose on an everyday basis.

Bridge Pose

6. Happy Child Pose

Happy child pose is a highly popular traditional yoga pose that can help your thighs in ways you can not possibly imagine. The very design of this pose lets your thigh area open up. Practicing this yoga pose repeatedly on a regular basis can yield great results. Beyond strengthening your thigh muscles, it can also help you get sculpted thighs.

Happy Child Pose

7. Butterfly Pose

Butterfly pose is a thigh-targeting yoga pose that is well liked by everyone from a beginner to an expert yoga practitioner. In the starting, you can try doing this yoga pose for 45-50 seconds and gradually increase the duration to 60-65 seconds. Help your thighs become toned and flexible by doing this specific yoga posture twice a day.

Butterfly Pose

8. Head To Knee Pose

Head to knee pose is another wonderful yoga pose that can help strengthen your thigh area and make it more flexible. This particular pose requires you to forward bend your upper body while keeping the lower body still. Within a few seconds of being in this pose, your thighs will start to feel the pressure and heat. Try doing head to knee pose on a regular basis for getting best results for your thigh area.

Head To Knee Pose

9. Boat Pose

Boat pose is one yoga pose that mostly intermediate level performers execute. However, as a beginner you can most definitely give it a try, as this yoga posture comes with a host of benefits. From targeting the abs to the inner as well as outer thigh muscles, this specific yoga pose is a must-try for strengthening thigh area.

Boat Pose

10. Downward Dog Pose

Downward dog pose is one yoga pose that targets multiple muscles and body parts, one of them is the thigh area. Doing this pose can positively impact the state of your inner as well as outer thigh. Once or twice a day, get in this posture and stay for good 3-4 deep breaths to be able to strengthen your lower and upper body including the thighs area.