Top 10 OPI Nail Polishes And Swatches

OPI Nail Polishes And Swatches

Nail paint is one of the essentials for a woman in getting ready for an event. Since childhood, girls develop a craze in themselves for trying newer shades, brands and varieties of swatches and nail paints available in the market and this keeps on increasing with the more you experience and apply. Today, in case of nail paints no woman wants to go for a local brand and a leading brand is always a fascination for every woman. OPI is one of the leading brands in the case of nail paints and swatches, it has been leading this section since long and has now become the talk of the women.

OPI has a huge range of paints in the market available under various genres and ranges. Some of the leading nail paints and swatches being offered by the OPI are as follows:

1. OPI Red Signature Color

Red is the signature color for OPI which is the best products many women feel offered by the company OPI. Nail paints offered by OPI are quite smooth if we talk about the texture and they do not have problems of being over runny or excessive thick. They also have a quick drying formula which every woman wants. This is a color which is in huge demand 24*7 and called evergreen color.

2. POI Pink Nail Polish

This shade is a magical shade for the women or girls who do not want makeup and all but still want something to look decent and finishing look on the nails. It is basically creme finish gel paint shade with a tinge of baby pink. The firm defines its shade with a tagline which is ‘I’m living in this moment and in this opaque creme’.

POI Pink Nail Polish

3. OPI Golden Swatch

This is a golden color nail paint with shimmers, but the shimmers of this nail paint would not scare you like may be a shimmer of some other golden local nail paint may. You can call this as a decent shimmer. The firm defines its shade as ‘it shimmers, it glitters, it’s gold and it’s mine’. Women use this shade many a times for one or two nails in five rather than using on all five of them.

OPI Golden Swatch

4. OPI Pastel Shade

This is a shade you would see many models wearing pastel blue color or mint green color dress would be painting their nails with. This is a color in high demand. The firm defines its shade as ‘deliciously sweet and icy-cool, pastel blue’.

OPI Pastel Shade

5. OPI Black Swatch

Black that too deep with the glimmer, this shade is a classy and elegant choice of the decent women. With the color black, it is a big problem that most of the black shades offered by local brands are often cheap looking and women hate that, but this black from OPI is a perfect hit against all of them as this is a class.

OPI Black Swatch

6. Orange Swatch From OPI

Today, orange is the new pink. I call this because orange is today as trendy as pink has been forever. OPI describes it as ‘he went to fetch her this delicious mango smoothie’. This is an orange shade that looks like a real mango smoothie.

Orange Swatch From OPI

7. Russian Navy Swatch

‘Wait until you see this deep see indigo’ is what OPI tags this shade with. Women are crazy for this navy blue shade like anything. This gives a pretty fair look to the hands and they look superb with this shade.

Russian Navy Swatch

8. Extravagance Magenta Nail Paint

Whenever you search for this best shades for swatches and nail paints offered by the OPI, this has to be in the list. This magenta is a beautiful and elegant color in huge demand and looks pretty glamorous on the finger nails.

Extravagance Magenta Nail Paint

9. Pine Green Swatch By OPI

This is a perfect name given to this shade by the OPI. This is a pine green shade with glimmers. The glimmers in the shade are nothing cheap, but they offer a quite elegant and classy look to the nails. This classy shimmer look offered by the OPI is a wonderful lust among the women. There is no competition to the brand in the market because of its finishing and elegance and a perfect blend.

10. Alpine Snow

This whitish shade has been named alpine because to see the nails painted with this shade, it gives you of a feel of the alpine snow. This is used by women in many cases when they use two shades on a single nail, or used as a base when drawing nail crafts.

Alpine Snow