Top 10 Home Remedies For Eczema

Eczema is a dry skin condition which occurs in different forms and varies from person to person. It may be mild itchy condition or chronic acute eczema depending on several factors. While dry skin is one of the common reasons behind eczema, genetic factors can also trigger this skin condition.

The skin portion affected with eczema is dry, itchy, scaly, and red followed by weeping, crusting and bleeding. Occurrence of this skin problem is very unpredictable, some eczema get cured while other remains for a life time. Therefore, medication may or may not provide permanent cure.

However, sometimes it is cured by applying simple homemade remedies. While you are trying medication for eczema, try home remedies alongside to relief the symptoms. Here are some home remedies to treat eczema.

Home Remedies For Eczema

1. Garlic

While medical science has no answer for certain types of eczema, Ayurveda speaks about permanent cure using garlic remedy. Yes, garlic has a special place in Ayurveda medicine system where it has been mentioned as a heavenly food. This ancient medicine system speaks about hundreds of health benefits of garlic where curing eczema is one of them.

This is not a bookish language but a true fact that garlic cures eczema. But one has to follow a strict diet as mention in Ayurveda while taking garlic remedy. But if you don’t have the luxury to follow a diet then just try the remedy to relieve the symptoms. Take one or two gloves of organic garlic, crushed them and extract juice.

Apply the juice on the affected area. Initially, it will cause extreme burning sensation, but tolerate it to get a positive result. Try this remedy one or two times a day for several weeks till the skin recovers.

2. Neem And Tulsi (Basil) Lotion

This is another Ayurvedic remedy effective to prevent the symptoms of eczema. Both neem and tulsi (basil) leaves are used to prepare a skin lotion. Neem as well as tulsi have anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which help to cure eczema. Even if they do not permanently cure eczema, they works to suppress and prevent symptoms to a large extend.

To prepare the lotion, you need one cup of neem leaves, one cup of tulsi leaves, and half teaspoon of organic granulated camphor. Take the basil and neem leaves in a large container and add 4 cups of water. Boil the liquid till it reduced to half the quantity taken initially. Filter the liquid, let it cool down at room temperature and add camphor while stirring continuously.

Transfer the liquid in a glass bottle and close the lid. This lotion remains as it is for years if kept in cool and dry place. Soak the cotton ball in the lotion and apply it on the affected area several times a day.

3. Ice Cold Milk

If you are having serve itchy sensation and scratching the skin till it bleeds, then try to apply cold milk on the skin to get relief. To apply cold milk, soak a wash cold in ice cold milk and spread the cloth on the itchy area. Repeat this several times a day to control itching of eczema.

4. Take Short Baths

Dry skin is more prone to eczema and symptoms become severe if the skin is not moisturized properly. Taking long bath depletes natural oil from the skin leaving it dry and flaky. So try to reduce your bath time to minimum 10 minutes. Use a good moisturizing body wash with less chemicals and harsh soap which is gentle on skin. Moreover, do not forget to moisturize your skin soon after the shower. Buy thick lotions enriched with vitamin E to sooth your skin.

5. Take Essential Fatty Acids

Eating essential fatty acids like omega 3 fatty acid helps to keep the skin healthy and nourished. So take your dose of fatty acids to get rid of eczema. Try to consume fruits and vegetables rich in fatty acids like walnuts, flax seeds, tuna, salmon, mackerel and avocado. Otherwise, take supplements after consulting a physician.

6. Elm Powder

To use elm powder for eczema, make a fine paste by mixing elm powder and water. Then apply the paste on the affected area and leave for an hour. Wash off the paste and pat dry with a soft towel. Repeat this for twice or thrice a day to prevent symptoms of eczema.

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7. Sage And Thyme

Since ancient times, use of several herbs have found effective to cure eczema. Sage and thyme are among them. Many cases have shown positive result when treated with herbs. To use sage and thyme for eczema treatment, take a cup of boiling water and add 1 tablespoon of sage, thyme, and juniper into it. Cover the cup and leave it for five minutes. Filter the liquid and drink it once a day.

8. Cucumber

Cucumber has a soothing effect on skin as well on stomach. It is rich in minerals that help to nourish the skin. Take a cucumber and cut it into thin slices. Dip the slices in water and leave it there for 2 hours. Then filter the liquid and rub the affected skin with the liquid. Following this tip will help to remove itchiness and redness of the skin.

9. Carrots

Everyone must have heard that eating carrots gives you a rosy skin. Yes, it does due to high amount of carotene. But many of us do not know that it is useful for eczema treatment too. Carrot remedy is right here for you. Take 3 organic carrots and boil it with water. When the carrots become soft turn off the heat. Let it cool down at room temperature and then mash the carrots. Now apply the mashed carrot over the affected area. Leave it for 15 minutes and then rinse.

10. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is especially good for dry skin conditions including eczema. So, try to furnish your skin with vitamin E both externally as well as internally. Get your dose of vitamin E by eating foods such as almonds, sunflower seeds, peanuts, pine nuts, apricot and spinach. Alternatively, take vitamin E supplements as capsules. Externally, apply vitamin E enriched lotions and cream on the skin to get relief from itchiness.