Tips To Stop Menstrual Cycle

Tips To Stop Menstrual Cycle Be it a vacation getaway, a sports tournament, your wedding day or honeymoon nights, you wouldn’t want your menstrual cycle to take away the fun from it! Symptoms accompanying periods like headaches, mood swings, and body cramps are a major spoil sport for the whole time you are on a period and affect every activity you take up.

Some women also get a heavy period which can give rise to very uncomfortable and inconvenient situations. Most women wanting to delay or stop their menstrual cycle for a while are clueless about the ways to do so. Here is how you can stop that monthly bouts of discomfort and enjoy some more time of care free indulgence in any activity:

Stop Menstrual Cycle

Birth Control Pills

The best method available for this purpose today is the usage of contraceptive pills. The pills which are generally consumed to avoid unwanted pregnancy can also be used to stop menstrual cycle and the uncomfortable symptoms accompanying it.

Birth Control Pills

Such pills stop the process of ovulation and hence serving the desired purpose. However, such oral pills should only be taken after proper consultation from your gynecologist as unconsulted regular use of such pills can damage your reproductive system.


Cardio vascular exercises and running are some other ways to delay or stop your menstrual cycle naturally. Sports activities and certain exercises impact the body fat directly and keep you in proper weight range affecting your menstrual cycle.

Certain Medicines

Analgesic drugs which are also painkillers such as, ibuprofen can also help in stopping your period when taken just before it. Taking such pills 2-3 days before your periods are expected can keep the periods at bay.


Another procedure which might result in stoppage of your menstrual cycle is surgery. Such procedure is suggested only when a woman has a medical condition like uterus ailments and fibroids.

removal of uterus

Some procedures which result in stoppage of menstrual cycle are Hysterectomy (removal of uterus), Myomectomy (removal of uterine fibroids), endometrial ablation etc. Procedures like Hysterectomy result in permanent stoppage of menstrual cycle.

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Menstrual Flexible Cups

This method does not exactly stop the menstrual cycle; it only reduces the menstrual flow. These cups are worn internally, under the cervix. The function of these cups is to collect the menstrual flow inhibiting blood flowing from the vagina. However, these cups should not be confused with tampons because there is a major difference between the functioning of the two.

Menstrual Flexible Cups only collect the blood where as tampon is designed to absorb the blood. Other misconception with the usage of such cups is that they can help prevent pregnancy which they cannot. They are different from copper T’s and can be used for about 10 hours.

Natural Ways

Lemon Juice

Some natural ways of preventing menstrual cycle include taking 2-3 teaspoons of vinegar mixed with normal water at least two times in a day, sipping pure lemon juice, eating green beans, and also mixing gelatin with water and drinking it can also help in stopping your menstrual cycle temporarily.