Tips To Prevent STDs

Tips To Prevent STDs STDs or sexually transmitted diseases are diseases that are spread through sexual contact or sexual intercourse with an infected person. The common STDs are AIDS, gonorrhoea, syphilis, vaginal infections and even cervical cancer that is primarily caused by the HPV (Human Papilloma Virus).

AIDS and cervical cancer have gained notoriety because of the absence of a cure, claiming many lives with them. Taking basic precautions and being well versed with STDs can save you or a family member’s life. Other diseases are not as deadly but uncomfortable nevertheless. Here are some ways of preventing STD’s.

How To Prevent STDs

Use Condoms Always

There is no foolproof method for giving protection against STDs like a condom. It acts as a physical barrier, preventing the transmission of germs and viruses. It also prevents a pregnancy.

People who are infected with the HIV virus must always use a condom to prevent its spread. Even non-infected people should encourage their partners to use it. The use of a condom is recommended for both vaginal and oral sex.

Get Regular PAP Smears

If you are sexually active, start getting yourself screened for cervical cancer by going in for annual PAP smears as soon as you become sexually active. Young teenage girls are particularly vulnerable and parents must make it a point to educate them about the dangers of unprotected sex.

Tips To Prevent STDs

Have Open Discussions With Your Partner

It is important to know one another’s sexual history. It is routine these days to go in for HIV exams before a couple decides to get married. Make it a point to routinely screen yourself and your partner for sexually transmitted diseases.

Women Should Have Pelvic Exams

Sexually promiscuous women should go in for regular pelvic exams, which will help to catch a disease in its earliest stage.

Stay Monogamous

While it is difficult to tell young men and women these days to completely abstain from sex, monogamy is, however, essential. Staying true to one partner and engaging in sex with only one person is one of the best ways to prevent an STD.

Be Aware Of Cuts And Bruises

Certain infections like HIV can spread through contaminated blood and body fluids even if there is a break on the surface of the skin. Therefore, if you and your partner suffer from mouth sores or ulcers, it is better to refrain from oral sex.

Indulge In Nonsexual Lovemaking

Lovemaking should not always have to lead to intercourse. Foreplay, cuddling and heavy petting can also be equally satisfying. It will also prevent the chances of you contracting an infection.

Tips To Prevent STDs

Sharing Of Needles

Avoid sharing needles, which is very common among drug users. Insist on a new needle every time you are going in for a routine blood test or an injection. People who are receiving blood should ask for details of the blood being donated.

With the help of these tips, men and women can continue to enjoy the pleasures of sex without harming themselves and their families. Practicing safe sex is one of the best ways of preventing the occurrence of an STD.

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