Tips To Make A Deodorant Last Longer

Tips To Make A Deodorant Last Longer The scorching summer months can give rise to offensive body odour due to the build up of sweat and grime. Bacteria multiply and grow rapidly leading to an unpleasant stench emanating from your body. How you smell also reflects on your personal hygiene and self-grooming. In most cases, stick deodorants and body sprays do a good job in disguising body odour and making you smell pleasant all day long.

There are ways and means by which you can make your deodorant last longer. Here are some tips to feel and smell fresh all day long.

Ways to Make a Deodorant Last Longer

Shaking the Bottle Well

Since deos and perfumes are heavily diluted, the chemicals need to be mixed well to leave their effect on the body. Make sure you shake the bottle well before application. This allows all the pleasant citrus smells to mingle well inside the bottle. This gives a longer staying power and will make your smell good for hours.

Take a Shower

Spraying the deodorant directly on smelly and sweaty body parts will not do the trick. Make sure you are clean. Take a hot shower and liberally apply some body wash.

Take a Shower

If your body is germ free, deodorant will automatically last longer on your body. Bathe twice a day for greater deodorant effectiveness.

Applying Roll on Deos

Roll on deos work by simply rolling the stick on the skin. They are sticky substances so it makes a lot of sense to wait for the stick on to dry.

Once the substance has completely dried on your skin, then wear your clothes. The deo takes a minute or so for it to be absorbed into your skin.

Never Apply Deodorants on Clothes

One huge mistake, which men and women make, is to apply deos on the clothes. This allows the deo to evaporate quickly. The sweat tends to emanate from the skin and it is your skin that starts to smell. Hence it, it makes a lot of sense to apply deodorants directly on the skin for longer staying power.

Do not Wear Thick Clothes

Thick and synthetic clothes like nylon and polyester do not do a very good job of absorbing the deo. The thick fabric in most cases conceals the fragrance. These clothes also enhance sweat production, giving rise to offensive body odour.

Do not Wear Thick Clothes

If the weather outside is warm, stick to summery and cool cotton clothes. These decrease perspiration and will keep you smelling fresh and clean all day long especially if you have sprayed deodorant.

Use Talcum Powder with Roll On Deos

Roll on and stick deodorants work better if you have applied talcum powder as well to your skin. First apply a liberal amount of talcum powder and then the deo.

Talcum powder reduces greasiness on the skin and gives a smooth base to the skin for the deodorant to work effectively.

Shave the Armpits

Exercise good personal hygiene by always shaving your armpits. Armpit hair especially on women are an immediate turn off. Not only that, but armpit hair tend to trap sweat and bacteria making you smell really bad. By shaving your armpit hair, you will begin to smell a whole lot better especially with the correct use of deodorants.

Toothpaste Home Remedy

Here is a simple home remedy to make your deo last longer. Wash your armpit region with cold water and soap. Now apply a generous layer of toothpaste and wait for it to dry before washing it off. Follow this up with the application of deodorant spray. Your deo will definitely last longer.

 Spray All Over

One way of smelling good all day long and making your deodorant last longer is by spraying the deo all over your body on all the important pulse points.

Spray All Over

These include the wrists, the neck, the armpits and the back of the knees. By doing this, you are enhancing the efficacy of the deo and making it last longer.

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Wear Sleeveless Tops

In the hot summer months, you will fare better by wearing sleeveless tops as they permit air circulation and keep your armpits dry thus preventing the formation of body odour. Raise your hands in between to permit the circulation of air.

Tips for Full-Sleeved Dresses

If you are wearing a full-sleeved top, make sure you spray a bit of cologne or deo directly on the dress for greater staying power. Make sure you spray the deo from a distance, as you will not want the chemicals in the deo to stain your dress and leave ugly spots and marks.

Wash Your Armpits

If you have accessibility to a washroom at your work place, wash your armpits with soapy water every 2-3 hours and then apply deodorant. That way your skin will always smell clean otherwise the sweat from the armpits tends to mask the deo.

Lose Some Weight

Overweight people tend to sweat excessively and also produce more oil and sebum on their skins. This makes them more prone to body odour.

Lose Some Weight

A permanent remedy for this dilemma is to lose weight. Losing weight will not only enhance your body image but will also improve your personal hygiene making you sweat less.

Relieve Stress

Stress can increase cortisol in the body and also enhance sweat production thus making you smell more. Anxiety and panic can increase heart rate and sweating. Together this is a lethal combination for producing offensive body odour.

If you are prone to anxiety attacks and stress, seek active treatment to rectify your condition and improve stress levels. Stay with positive and happy people and seek out vacations and recreational activities that induce a sense of calm.

Get Asthma Treated

There seems to be some correlation between asthma attacks and body odour. People who suffer from asthma have problematic lungs, which make breathing more laborious and difficult.

As a result, your body has to work harder to get adequate oxygen. All of this can increase sweat production and body odour. See a doctor and get your asthma under control so that you do not have to suffer from body odour. Your deos will also work more effectively.