Tips To Look Chic In A High Waisted Skirt

Look Chic In A High Waisted SkirtIf you want to flaunt your perfect figure, if you want to show off your legs or even if you want to camouflage your muffin tops; then high-waist skirts is a must-have in your cupboard. They truly are becoming quite a rage nowadays.

Look Beautiful In A High Waisted Skirt

People Who Cannot Wear High-waist Skirts

If you are short then avoid wearing these skirts. This is because, since its worn high on the waist, it will make you look even shorter. If you have a wide waist then please avoid these skirts as they draw maximum attraction and focus to the waist area. Those with a flabby stomach, chunky legs or even big hips, can however wear these skirts.

Types of High-waist Skirts

There are many types of high-waist skirts – pleated, fitted, A-line skirt or even a bubble hemmed ones.

 fitted High-waist Skirts

Which one will suit you best is however an important question for you. For example, if you have big hips then its best to avoid bubble hemmed skirts and instead sport an A-line high-waist skirt.

Length of the High-waist Skirt

If you boast of never ending long legs then mid length skirts are just right for you. Those with shorter legs, should however, opt for shorter length skirts.

Tops that Match With High-waist Skirts

If you have a slim waist then you could opt for fitted tops and tuck them into your skirt. Those with slightly bigger boobs should opt for a slightly more casual top like pastel, printed t-shirts or even lacy, cute shirts. Ladies with a slender neck could also opt to wear off shoulder or even a one shoulder bright colored top with a more subtle colored high-waist skirt.

Printed high-waist skirts

Printed high-waist skirts go well with embroidered or even jewel encrusted or beaded chiffon tops. A simple white top with a fitted high-waist skirt with suspenders look quite dramatic as well. For those with a big behind, wear the skirt with a blouse with sleeves or even ruffles. This will draw more attention to you’re the upper half of your torso and yet wont hide the curves that you want to flaunt.

For the winter, tied jackets or even cardigans ending near your thighs can be worn with a simple pleated top and a high-waist skirt.

Shoes to be Worn with High-waist Skirts

Shoes With High-waist Skirts

Opt for closed shoes with heels for a formal look. For a funkier look you could wear them with bright colored pumps or even ankle length boots. Add stockings to your attire for the winter season.


Don’t wear your skirt too near your breasts. They look best when worn nearer to your waist. Fitted skirts should always, preferably be worn with collared shirts but do experiment with the colors and prints. While wearing a high-waist skirt it is always better to wear underwear than flattens your stomach or even elastic bands that will focus on your waist. You could turn a normal skirt into a high-waist one by wearing it with a belt and holding your skirt in place.

So go ahead and begin wearing the popular high-wasit skirt today and get yourself a waist defining sexy look that covers up your love handles and embraces your curves.