Tips To Hide Birthmarks With Makeup

Tips To Hide Birthmarks With Makeup Birthmarks are discolored patches on the skin that almost everyone has. While some have small, concealed patches, others have large birthmarks that can look extremely unsightly. Although there are many cosmetic procedures to remove these birthmarks, they are often quite expensive and can have certain side effects as well. One of the ways of hiding these birthmarks temporarily is by using makeup. Here are some simple tips that will let you hide your ugly birthmarks and other skin blemishes with makeup.

Makeup to Hide Birthmarks

Choose a Concealer

For covering up birthmarks you will need a heavy, pigmented concealer that can cover up even the darkest of pigmented birthmarks. Different types of concealers are available in the market including stick concealers, tube concealers, pots and pencil concealers.

While small spots can be covered with a pencil concealer, for larger, more extensive coverage you will need a tube or pot concealer with opaque coverage. Along with the form, you will also need to select the right shade of concealer for covering the birthmarks.

Tips To Hide Birthmarks With Makeup

Corrective concealers are available in different shades depending on the color of your birthmark. For purple and blue birthmarks, ideally a yellow concealer would work the best. Similarly for the reddish birthmarks, green concealers are the best.

Purple or lavender concealers are best for brownish, yellow birthmarks and blemishes. If your birthmark is a shade darker than your natural skin tone then a light colored concealer will work the best.

Apply the Concealer

To apply the concealer you will need a concealer brush or a face brush. You can also use your fingers to apply the concealer. Just apply the concealer on the birthmark in a patting motion. The fingers warm the concealer and make blending easier.

If you are using a brush then take some concealer on the brush and dab it on the birthmark. Use the brush to blend the concealer well in small round circles. Let the concealer set and then apply some translucent powder on top. If you feel like the birthmark is not properly concealed then apply another layer of concealer on top before dabbing on some translucent powder on top.

Using Colored Concealer

If you are using a colored corrective concealer then apply the corrective concealer on the birthmark and blend well in a dabbing motion. Once the concealer has set, apply a layer of concealer that matches your natural skin tone. Finish off by applying a layer of foundation and face powder.

Tips To Hide Birthmarks With Makeup

It is important to note that colored concealers can be very tricky to use and you can end up with colored spots on your face if you do not learn to blend well. These makeup tips work only for flat birthmarks. If you have raised birthmarks with rough texture then concealing it can be a problem.

Even a minimal amount of makeup can accentuate the rough texture of such birthmarks. Using these tips for hiding birthmarks you will soon be able to conceal the problem areas and have a flawless skin that you always wanted.