Tips To Get A Hot School Girl Look

Tips To Get A Hot School Girl LookYou may be a quirky, fun loving teen or a woman just into college. No matter what your age, wearing the right jewellery and clothes with style and panache can add a new dimension to your appearance and give you a very refreshing perspective into the world of fashion. It can also make you look several years younger. Most women are flattered when they are told that they resemble young school going girls. Follow these simple style tips for a new, glamorous and hot schoolgirl look.

How to Dress Like a Hot School Girl

Flaunt those Curves with the Right Accessories

You do not have to be size zero or reed thin to look like a million bucks. The smartest women are those who make the most out of their shapes and work with their plus points.

Even if you are a few pounds overweight, the right clothes and accessories can make a world of difference to how you look or how you see yourself.

Tips To Get A Hot School Girl Look

We women are very critical about ourselves but in order to be stylish, you need to be a little more discerning and start to focus on the positive aspects about your appearance. One you feel good, you will automatically start looking good.

Pick Affordable but Chic Jewellery

You do not have to be the next Victoria Beckham who flaunts her wealth at the drop of her hat. Think simple, stylish, yet elegant. You may be a college goer having to budget between the tution fees and fees for the college.

That does not mean that you should not spend a certain amount of money on yourself. Nor does it mean that you are less desirable or sexy.

So allow yourself to splurge and pick up some timeless and eclectic pieces of jewellery that you can pair with your outfits. Chunky bracelets and danglers are available at thrift stores for a steal.

Feel Confident

Modern school going girls are very confident. If you carry yourself with poise and confidence, it will take off years from your face. Looking stylish and fashionable is all about confidence, attitude and an innate flair for carrying off your outfits.

I have seen overweight girls carry off their clothes with tremendous flair and look drop dead gorgeous. So work on your confidence and attitude and youthfulness will come naturally to you.

If excess pounds are bothering you, work on it. Start exercising. The minute you lose weight, you will automatically start feeling better about yourself and this will reflect in whatever you wear.

Look Good and Dress well in Shorts

Your entire outlook towards fashion and clothes will change when you make an effort to dress well all the time.

Tips To Get A Hot School Girl Look

Ditch the sweats and baggy t-shirts and wear your skirts and skimpy shorts even when you are at home. Pair them with cute and sassy tanks and tees that accentuate the best parts of your body for the hot school girl look.

Have the Essentials

Some essentials should always have their place in your wardrobe. These essentials can be smartly mixed, matched, and accessorized to make your outfit look unique.

Some of the essentials are a little black dress, a cardigan, well cut denims, a black fitted trouser, a jacket and 2-3 capris. All school girls are flaunting these outfits so make sure your wardrobe consists of these pieces. Once you have these, you can team them up with just about anything and look trendy and classy.


Shoes can make or mar an outfit. Invest in just 3-4 quality party shoes, 1-2 casual shoes, a pair of sneakers and a pair of boots. Choose from pumps, stilettos, sandals and strappy heels to wear with your formal outfits.

If you are not comfortable in heels, try doing trial walks in them. Heels are essential because they transform an outfit and make you look tall and regal. You will be looking like the next high school prom queen by carrying off a variety of shoes.

Play with Your Flaws

The art of looking good is disguising your flaws and highlighting your assets. If you have great legs, but a flabby stomach, work with your legs. Wax them to satiny perfection and flaunt them in short skirts and dresses.

Tips To Get A Hot School Girl Look

Hide the tummy flab in empire cut tops and loosely fitted blouses. Show off slender arms in off the shoulder tops and noodle straps. A shapely butt can be highlighted in a figure hugging pair of denims. Once you have learnt the art of working with your plus points, you will do wonders and will be able to effortlessly turn heads.

Dabble in the Right Make Up

The idea of wearing makeup is to look natural without looking too over the top. Make up is meant to accentuate the best facial features. A great pair of eyes can be made to look ethereal and smoky hot with the right eye makeup while keeping everything else subtle and simple.

Similarly, you can play up your lips with bright red lipstick while keeping the rest of your look simple. Extra make up will not make you look young but make you look older than your age.

The Right Bags

2-3 stylish bags worn with different outfits can transform you from being a plain Jane to a glorious schoolgirl diva. Invest in quality bags from clutches to shopping bags and pair them up with different outfits.

Pick up bags from thrift stores. These are modern, trendy and chic.The same goes for clutch purses. Invest in nudes, which can be fabulously teamed with different outfits.

Clear Out the Junk

The golden rule of clothing turnover is that anything that has not been worn for a year should be discarded. Make it non-negotiable.

Clear out the junk in your wardrobe and make way for stylish and eclectic new pieces. Once you have made space in your closet, you will actually feel good about buying new pieces.

Go in for Quality Tailoring

Tailored clothes are always a better option especially if you are chary about your fit. It may be difficult to find a fitted t-shirt or shirt so just get one tailored. However, go in for quality tailoring. Sift through your neighbourhood to pick out the best tailors who will give you your money’s worth.

Tips To Get A Hot School Girl Look

They may be slightly more expensive but they will do a very good job with your outfits. This is true when it comes to tailored skirts, suits and sari blouses. Certain attire calls for the right fit. Once you have identified a good tailor, stick with him/her.

Avoid Wardrobe Malfunctions

Wardrobe malfunctions occur due to plain oversight and neglect. Always wear the correct lingerie with your garments. Be careful about buttons and zippers. Repair them if they are loose or ill fitting.

Never wear a size too tight as it can lead to embarrassing peek-a-boos. These style dictums can make you fashionable and confident in whatever that you choose to wear and give you the hot schoolgirl look