Tips To Enhance Women’s Libido Naturally

Libido Women as well as men are often seen complaining about dipping libido. An unsatisfying sex life leads to many marital problems. With women the problem is even more complex because usually popping pills like men doesn’t really help.

Here it is to be understood that men and women have different outlook towards sex. While men emphasise more onto physicality of it, women attach a lot of emotions. Neither can be blamed because such is their built, mental and physical.

So while understanding why a woman suddenly feels dispirited towards sex, we need to understand other dimensions of the problem. A woman with a low libido could be suffering from problems which are mental, psychological or physical.

For the problems that are physical a therapist should be seen. But for mental and psychological there are natural ways to boost a women’s libido.

Simple and Natural Tips To Boost Women’s Libido

Eat right

A lot of foods and fruits are said to be libido boosters. Oysters, Spices like nutmeg, saffron etc. and fruits like pineapple, watermelon, strawberry etc. are said to uplift a person’s mood and increase their sensitivity. Women and their love for dark chocolate is no hidden secret. Bite into that chocolate bar when you are down. Chocolates are known to release endorphins which spread the general feeling of happiness.

Exercise right

Exercising will not only make sure that you stay in great shape but also improve blood circulation to sex organs.

Exercise Regularly for women

An hour of exercising is said to increase levels of testosterone, a male hormone which is directly linked to sex drive. A higher level of testosterone means higher sex drive.

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Do fun activities together

Hectic lifestyle, deadlines and longer commuting means lesser is amount of time spent with partner. As discussed earlier, women associate sex with emotions, she would naturally feel left out if she is not part of your busy life. Try spending quality time with your lady. Enrol for samba classes or do yoga together. The more time you spend together, more are chances of getting lucky in between the sheets.

Change the scene

If you want a good adventurous partner in bed, be a little innovative. Research says new and challenging scenarios can help brain release a motivational chemical called dopamine.

Change the scene

Go trekking or take the path less travelled. Bedrooms are boring, try making love in less explored places like bath, garden or balcony. Take her by surprise, don’t make sex a routine. A little novelty would convey how much making love to her is important to you and how you make plans to get her into the groove.


A lot has been said and written about libido. While people make a big deal about their lack of sex life, they don’t understand the important of togetherness. For women, sex can be anything from playing footsie to saying sweet nothings. Think of other non-penetrative ways to have sex with your women. Wear right scent, create the right mood and over all relax. Stop fussing over getting it right all the time.

These are few natural ways to enhance a woman’s libido, wouldn’t you want to try one tonight?