7 Tips For Hair Care At Home

Tips For Hair Care At Home

There have been enough trips to the parlor and you have spent enough money on hair care products. It’s time to keep it simple silly! Hair care is not such a big deal. You can do the simplest things to keep your hair healthy and reduce damage. Read on to learn a few basic hair care tricks you can do at home. This will not just help you reduce hair fall but also induce hair growth. Get soft and shiny hair without any hassles, the easy way at home.

How To Care For Your Hair At Home

1. Be Nice To Your Hair

You didn’t expect that to be the first point? Well I knew. We worry so much about our hair but at the end of the day we treat it like what it is. Dead cells. Without realizing we often manhandle our mane.

Be Nice To Your Hair

2. Comb Smart

We comb too much and too hard, We comb when our hair is wet. We even tie up wet hair. Not only these, we let our delicate tresses rub against the pillow each night leading to a lot of unnecessary hair loss. All these are perfectly avoidable situations.

Even when you run your fingers through your hair. Be slow and careful. One single careless tug could cost you hair. After a shower let your hair air dry and then comb it. Comb the roots first as that will be the most tangled part of your hair. Once you sort out the tangles comb from the root to the ends carefully.

Do not let the bristles brush too hard on your scalp. This could cause tear and damage. Do not comb your hair again and again through out the day. Comb once after shower / in the morning and once before sleeping. Combing your hair before sleeping will brush out dirt and pollution, clearing out the pores of your scalp so that your hair can breathe when you sleep at night.

Comb Smart

3. Tie Smart

Never use metal or plastic bands on your hair. I hate clutchers. I have seen many people lose hair which gets entangled in these hell traps. Use a plain simple cotton band. Another thing you could try is giving your mane some variety. Combing in the same direction all your life long can give your a receding hair line quite early. So comb back to front, side to side along with front to back.

Tie Smart

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4. Yogurt, Honey And Oil

This recipe spells party for your mane. Mix the three and apply on your scalp and hair thoroughly. Try to use cold yogurt. As you apply the mixture, you will realize that your head is letting out a lot of heat which was trapped. This heat is not good for you.

This mixture will start by cooling your head. Once you are done applying the mixture you should cover up your head with a shower cap. Because of the heat and also because of the nature of yogurt, it will start dripping. If you do not want to get the sticky mixture all over the place, a shower cap is a good idea.

Let the mixture stay on your hair for an hour and go about your daily business. It really doesn’t bother you much. After an hour rinse thoroughly with water. Shampoo and condition. Yogurt adds a lot of shine and moisture as well as deeply oils your head.

Honey is known for it’s moisture attracting quality. This treatment will make your hair shiny, soft and full of healthy oils and moisture. You will feel after you are done with this that your hair is feeling much more voluminous.  Also hair fall reduces miraculously. You should consider doing this once every month. Too much usage might make your hair very oily.

Yogurt, Honey And Oil

5. Chemical Your Hair Less

Very obvious no? Chemicals are not good for your body. How can it be good for your hair? Over usage of chemicals will make your hair dry, rough and brittle. Reduce your shampoo usage, if possible to once a week. In case you have very oily hair then not more than twice a week.

You hair might be too oily because you are using too much shampoo. Read up on that. As you reduce your shampoo usage, your hair will seem too oily initially. But once it get’s used to less shampoo schedule, the oil secretion will stabilize gradually.

Do away with gels and styling products. Over use will cause unnecessary chemical pile-on on your scalp. This will cause hair fall and itching. Your pores will close with unhealthy products. Your scalp might get flaky and shed like dandruff too.

Chemical Your Hair Less

6. Clarify You Scalp

If that is your situation I suggest you buy a good quality clarifying shampoo and use it twice a month for some time. This fill help you clear out the product over dose on your scalp. But do not over use this product too. You do not really require it on such a regular basis. It’s job is to remove chemical pile up. Let it do just that much. Keep it natural and you will no have any troubles.

Clarify You Scalp

7. Eat And Drink

What you give is what you get. Even for your body. If you eat unhealthy you will look unhealthy. If you think a diet of maggi and burger will help you get great hair then what do you think? What will be the result? Eat healthy and natural food. Color up your plate.

The more color you add, the better for your body. The better for your body, the better for your health. Add greens, purples, reds, orange. Have salads. Have fruits. Keep your body hydrated. You know your body is 70% water. But how much water do you drink each day? Did you manage to finish a liter today?

Eat And Drink

Water detoxifies your body. Have green tea along with great food and lots of water. You are bound to get good hair over time. Add mil to it and I won’t have to write another hair care article again. It’d that simple. So you have it here. 4 ultra simple and achievable Hair Care Steps at Home. Follow just these four have you will never need to worry about your hair ever again.