8 Proper Diet For Breastfeeding Mothers

Motherhood is a wonderful feeling. And for a new mother, breastfeeding is a necessary part. During the first 6 months of your baby, his or her main food is the milk that a mother provides.

8 Proper Diet For Breastfeeding Mothers

For this reason, the breastfeeding mother must take care of what she eats. If you are a new mother and if you are thinking what to eat, this article certainly will help you. Just read on…

Diet Tips For Breastfeeding Mothers

Foods High In Protein

Since the baby will get his or her required protein through you only, you must eat about 75 g of protein every day. Fish, eggs, chicken are the best source of protein. Besides them, consume lentils as well as legumes, like, soybean, red gram, green gram etc.

Foods High In Protein

Dairy Products Containing Low Fats

As calcium is present in high amount in the breast milk, a nursing mother must take a lot of calcium and dairy products are the best sources of this mineral.

Consume a lot of milk, curd as well as cottage cheese every day. These dairy products not only provide calcium, but also provide proteins, vitamin B and vitamin D.

Dairy Products Containing Low Fats


Vegetables are also an important part of the diet of a nursing mother. That is why make sure that you eat a lot of Green leafy vegetables, like, spinach, drumstick leaves along with other kinds of vegetables every day.



Fruits are the natural sources of vitamins, minerals and they contain less fat. So it is better that a breastfeeding mother eat a healthy amount of fruits, in particular the blueberries and the oranges every day.

The oranges and the blueberries will provide the mothers with a healthy amount of carbohydrates in order to keep the mother’s energy level high.


All Kinds Of Nuts

Nuts are the powerhouse of minerals and vitamins. That is why a new mother ought to eat peanuts, almonds and cashew nuts. The nursing mother must make sure that she eats a handful of these nuts on the regular basis. It is better to snack on these nuts instead of eating any fast food or spicy and oily foods.

All Kinds Of Nuts

Whole Grain Cereal

A bowl of cereal made from whole grain is an excellent choice for the breakfast. This cereal is full of vitamins along with all other nutrients that will help the nursing mothers remain energetic throughout the day.

Whole Grain Cereal


Water is the most important thing to include in the diet of the nursing mom. Since the breast feeding mothers are easily dehydrated, it is very important to stay hydrated so that the energy levels remain high. In addition to this, water is imperative for increasing the quantity of milk. So drink adequate amount of water every day.


Brown Rice

Even though most of the mothers want to reduce the baby weight as soon as possible, but it is not the right way. It is better to decrease the weight slowly but steadily.

So don’t cut the carbohydrate rich foods from your diet completely. Instead of it, switch to brown rice as it will help you remain energetic throughout the day and also gives the enough calories for production of milk.

Brown Rice

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