The Perfect Eyebrow Shape For Your Face

The Perfect Eyebrow Shape for Your FaceEyebrows are very important features of our faces. Beauty of eyes depends upon the shapes of these brows which reflect regularity in face. Rather we make use of these eyebrows for non-verbal communication. We judge the mood of others while watching their face and eyebrow movements. Your eyebrows need to be in proper shape and require maintenance from time to time.

There are different ways these eyebrows are made and can be given different shapes. The shape of eyebrows suits well according to the kind of face one has. So, here it’s going to be discussed what type of eyebrowssuit what kind of faces.

Determine Your Face Type

Firstly, you should know what kind of face you have or it lies in which of the following category. For this, bind your hairs properly so that no hair should be coming on your face. Hold them tightly and closely watch the mirror.

This can give you a rough idea of the kind of face you have, whether long, short etc. You can ask your friends about this and be sure because others can better tell you.

For complete surety and satisfaction, do one thing. Take a scale and measure the length (x) of your face right from where the head starts and not from forehead till the point where your chin ends.

The Perfect Eyebrow Shape For Your Face


Just divide the length by 3. Now, measure the distance (y) from the point your nose ends to the end of your chin. So, you have two values with you (x/3 and y). See in which of the below category your face lies.

If (x/3) is greater than the (y), you have a round face.
If (x/3) is less than the (y), you have a long face.
If (x/3) is equal to (y), you have an oval face.

So, this was the basic method of determining your face type. Other than these basic shapes, there are more face types as heart shape, diamond shape, square shape etc.

Which Eyebrow Suits Your Face?

Now, we will look out for the kind of eyebrow shapes these different kinds of faces should have.

Long Face

The Perfect Eyebrow Shape for Your Face

People with long faces have wider forehead and cheeks are also of the same width as that of the forehead. Such people should keep their eyebrows flat so that the length of their faces may look little shorter.

Short Face

Short faces have short forehead and cheeks. They should keep thin eyebrows with high peaks. This will help their faces to look somewhat longer.

Oval Face

This is considered to be the ideal shape. Forehead is wider than the chin and the chin on the other hand, is oval and narrow from bottom. For oval faces, angled brows look good bestowing some sharpness on their faces.

Round Face

The Perfect Eyebrow Shape for Your Face

For round shaped faces, tangled eyebrows look good. Round faced people have similar length and width of their faces but cheeks are wider. Soft tangled eyebrows can be used in such cases to keep the balance.

Square Shape

Square Jawlines make such faces square in shape but the forehead and cheeks have same width. If you are a person with squared face, you should have tangled or tangled with little curved eyebrows to balance the square look.

Heart Shape

It is similar to oval faces but the chin is a little pointing one. Curved eyebrows look good on such faces, giving them a heart shape. The curved eyebrows and the chin ending at a point make a heart.

Diamond Shape

This kind of face is not very common. Forehead in such cases is short and the face is angular from the bottom. By making the eyebrows curved in shape but making the curves less wide after the peak, diamond shape irregularity can be balanced.

The Perfect Eyebrow Shape for Your Face

Among all the eyebrow shapes, soft tangled eyebrow is the perfect eyebrow for all faces. Those who want to look younger, angled shapes are better. There are some eyebrow types that look good on every face. These are curved ones.

Removing Irregularities from Your Eyebrows

Let’s see another method of determining whether our eyebrows are in shape or not. It is a line method. See if the line joining the ending at the nose pin, edge of the eye and the starting point of your eyebrow is straight or not. Take the same point at the nose end; try joining with the other edge point of eye and the ending edge of your eyebrow.

See if all these three points are in line or not. Pluck the hair lying outside that line. This is an easy method to make your eyebrows in shape as you just need to remove the extra hair.