The Magical Benefits Of Hot Stone Massage

The Magical Benefits Of Hot Stone Massage Hot Stone Massage therapy has today become one of the most sought after massage therapies. Stones that are treated with water are placed at certain points all over the body for providing relaxation and opening up the energy points (merdians). Basalt stones are placed along the neck, shoulders and the spine for boosting the natural process of healing. The hot stone massage therapy is an integral part of deep tissue or Swedish massage service.

The hot stone massage therapy provides numerous wellness and health benefits by increasing blood circulation and reducing inflammation. The heat provided by the stones relaxes the muscles in the body and provides a sense of peace and calms the mind by stimulating the nervous system. One should definitely take this massage to enjoy the following benefits.

Advantages of Hot Stone Massage

Relaxes The Muscles

The heat provided by the stones helps the body muscles to relax. The alternate placement of cold stones and hot stones by the massage therapist helps in manipulating the deep tissues effectively. Once the muscles are relaxed, stress alleviates from the body and improves blood circulation and relieves any kind of pain.

One can get rid of back pain, muscular pain and aches, arthritis etc. Hot stone massage therapy relaxes the stiff muscles in the body and eases the muscles that are sore.

Provides Relief from Pain

The Magical Benefits Of Hot Stone Massage

Although all kinds of massage provide pain relief, hot stone massage therapy is a great pain buster because of its intense nature. With the help of hot basalt stones the therapist can provide deeper penetration making the person feel more rejuvenated in comparison to deep tissue or Swedish massage. One should however, let the therapist know the bearable level of heat in the stones.

Improves Blood Circulation

Poor blood circulation tenses the body muscles and makes the body tired and aids in building of lactic and fluid acid. Before starting off with the massage the heated basalt stones are rested on the body’s trigger points.

The blood vessels open up due to the penetration of heat which results in improvement in the circulation of blood. With the increase in blood circulation muscles get more oxygen which further eases out pain and aches.

Aids Mental Health

Hot stone Massage therapy not only boosts the physical health but also provides mental benefits. In today’s fast life every individual has to face a lot of stress and tension due to a hectic schedule. The massage therapy works wonders and provides relief from mental tension and stress.

In some cases the massage also helps in combating symptoms of depression and anxiety disorders. It also helps you to sleep peacefully. The massage is an integral part of the treatment help too for people who suffer from insomnia as it puts the mind in a meditative stage.

Hot Stone Massage therapy provides several therapeutic effects. It enhances and stimulates the lymphatic system of the body due to which the body tends to become strong and combat infections easily. After taking the massage one feels completely rejuvenated and refreshed to take on new challenges.